The rhyme of the river

2021-02-22 18:08:58  作者:Literary FM

Believe it

There is no boundary between Buddhism and Dharma , It's fate to be able to hold on .

The empty flower is at ease , The sea of bitterness breeds green lotus .


Buddha said that there are four difficulties in this world : It's hard to meet Buddha , It's hard to be human , It's hard to hear the truth , It's hard to believe .

Buddha said he couldn't do four things : Wisdom is not to be given , Cause and effect cannot be changed , The true law cannot be said , You can't live without fate .


In the first sentence of the five Jue poem, the level is the first

( Ze ) The tone is flat , Level, tone, level .

( flat ) Level and tone ,( Ze ) The tone is flat .

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