Red and black: the struggle history of Julien

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The book red and black , I studied... Ten years ago . For Julien's life struggle history , I think a lot of people will comment on it , A lot of people will spit on , A lot of people will disdain , Many people feel shameful . But in life , If someone really gets a chance to climb up in this way , I believe most people will be happy with this kind of life ?


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Julien is a man who came to Paris from the countryside , He came to the mayor's house as a tutor , For the Bible , He can recite it backwards , Even the mayor and his wife admire him , So that the mayor admitted Julien . It can be said that Julien can enter the mayor's house as a tutor , Thanks to his talent and hard work . After all , No talent , He never had a chance to be a tutor at the mayor's house . For such a poor boy , Of course, he will try his best to get into the upper class , And the high society belongs to the circle of mayors and mayors' wives . therefore , That's why Julien is targeting the mayor's wife . therefore , Julien began to hook up with the mayor's wife , Through Julien's tricks , The mayor's wife was completely captured . They were so romantic that they were finally discovered by the mayor . So Julien was in danger , The opportunity to enter the upper class is in danger of one's own life . The mayor's wife dragged him to seminary , Julien entered the seminary for further study , So I got a chance to further my study , In modern society, many people go to business school ,MBA etc. .

After Julien graduated from seminary , I've met another person in the upper class , Miss Mathilde , She is a noble lady , The pursuit of many people can't attract Miss Mathilde's favor , Julien's pursuit of the maid , Pretending not to care about Miss Mathilde , So that Miss Mathilde finally took the initiative to make love to Julien , Since then , Julien is close to Mathilde again . Also through this opportunity to enter the social circle of the upper class again .


Red and black .png

In red and black , Red is the blood of Julien who finally shot himself , And black represents church thought , Represents the supreme authority of the seminary . It was during that period , The monks in the church wear black robes , The society of rulers contrasts with the blood of red . This is to show the autocracy of the church and the contemporary youth's pursuit of noble life by all means .

Julien's talent , It's a stepping stone for him to enter the upper class , After all, he made himself out of his talent ; Julien is good at capturing the heart of the mayor's wife , Make the last thing fall , Still alive on the mayor's wife's recommendation , He was recommended to the seminary for further study ; Julien went to seminary for further study , Back in the upper class , Capture Mathilde's heart , To realize the second step of social stratum transition , So it opens up the social circle and social circle of the upper class .

For the average person , Whether you agree with Yu Lian's way of struggle or not , There is still a lot of strength in it , talent , And so on . So in that society at that time , The road to counter attack of the youth at the bottom is hard , I also understand this kind of fortune . After all , This is also a way for the young people at the bottom to struggle , And an objective social phenomenon !

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