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Zhang San

Zhang San is the leader of the fifth team of the Lixin brigade of Kezhuang commune , Zhang San's family has not eaten meat for a long time , The more you can't eat meat , The more I think about the taste of meat .

Towards the end of the year , The days are poor again , It's time to eat some meat .

Like the Zhang family , The situation of other families in the five teams is similar , I don't know the taste of meat for a long time . Several strong laborers in the village have the most say , Proposed to kill a pig ,“ Eat bars period ”.

The five teams collectively raised more than 20 pigs , As usual , By the end of the year, most of the pigs will be slaughtered . The fifth team has a large population , A pig is not enough to eat , Women and children can't get on the table and stand aside , Only the men on the team are eligible to have a big meal together that day , Be commonly called “ Eat bars period ”.

Zhang San disagrees with , say , These pigs are used to step on “ Pig ash ”( A mixture of pig manure and straw .) Make fertilizer in the field , We can't kill a pig just for meat .

But Zhang San can't resist the red eyes that want to eat meat in the team , Compromise the .

That dinner , Zhang San didn't go to eat . Edo said he was stupid , All the pigs are killed , You don't eat , Is it useful? ? Zhang lost his temper impatiently ,“ You're a woman , Know a fart !”


Edo married to the fifth team , People say it's not worth it , The Zhang family is too poor , But what Yiduo is interested in is the honesty of the three Zhang people , Long and strong , In the countryside , Strength is the capital .

And her own , A weak little woman , Since I married to the fifth team , Hard to produce a good hand in farming , Plough the field with the burden , Women don't let men . It will be , It's not a month yet , Just carry the baby on your back , I've earned my work in the field , At that time, people's hearts , What I believe is to exchange one minute of strength for another rice .

It doesn't matter if Edo eats meat or not , What she loves is Zhang Xiaosan , Children were small , If there's meat for him , What does it mean to be a little bit tired ?

Zhang Xiaosan

One winter in the '70s , It's snowing . It's a slack season , The children also took the opportunity to have a holiday , Zhang Xiaosan lived in her grandmother's house for several days , Good things happen again , Grandma's production team is going to kill pigs !

It's an old and weak sow , become as emaciated as a fowl , But a little bit of meat , Zhang Xiaosan covered his eyes with his hand and watched the man stab the black pig's throat with a sharp knife , The long, pitiful howl stopped suddenly , It turns into a strange grunt , From between your fingers , Zhang Xiaosan saw the dark red pig blood bubbled up in a wooden dung barrel .

Li Si took out two pork loins from Bai Huahua's intestines , Throw it in front of Zhang Xiaosan ,“ the other woman , Take this kidney to the back kitchen , Ask Li Jiahao to clean it up .”


Two dark brown pig waists are in Zhang Xiaosan's small hands , Soft ground , It's still steaming , Zhang Xiaosan answered happily , Rush out of the gate of production team warehouse .

In the evening , The men of the bar period found , No pork loin , Ask Grandma Li , He said he didn't see Zhang Xiaosan deliver it !

Later people asked Zhang Xiaosan , The little guy blushed , For a long time , Said I didn't find the kitchen . I didn't find the kitchen , Where did you put your waist ? Zhang Xiaosan blinked his eyes , say , I have a bad memory , Walk out the door and forget .

The adults all laughed , Also no longer ask the whereabouts of pig waist , That sentence “ Walk out the door and forget ” It has become a famous saying , It has become the label of Zhang Xiaosan , For decades .


Most of the sheep raised in Jiangnan are Hu sheep , I don't know exactly what kind of it it is , It's bigger , Very hairy , Gentle personality , I'm a good worker , It's black particles , Like the seeds of plants .

Huyang is the treasure of the farmers , When you have a lamb, you can be “ Blood lamb ” Sell it for money , Shearing wool can be exchanged for money , The key is to step on “ Grey manure ”. It's like a pig , The roots, stems and leaves of plants are mixed with sheep's excrement , Then dig it out and make fertilizer for the production team , A load of gray manure can be exchanged for ten work points !( notes : A strong laborer can get about ten work points in a day's work , At the end of the year, the production team will pay dividends to each family according to the work score .)

It's the end of the year , It's snowing heavily in Kezhuang, Yanshi , There's no grass left , Edo is afraid that the sheep will be hungry , The wheat was fed to the sheep , result , The sheep died of gluttony .

Dead sheep cannot be sold , You can only kill , The Zhang family can't eat so much meat , I gave the team .

This is the best meat ever eaten by Zhang Xiaosan , The meat is cooked in white , It's a little mutton , He never understood one thing , Why are there people who don't eat meat ?

For example, Zhang San , He didn't eat a bite of the Hu sheep's meat , It's no use trying to persuade Edo .

A lie

It's hard to explain the word lie , Some lies are logical , Listen to people think it is true ; Some truth , People think it's a lie , There are probably two reasons , The truth is illogical , Or the one who tells the truth has told too many lies before .

Zhang Xiaosan is wearing it N year “ Walk out the door and forget ” The hat of , When he grew up , People found him not stupid at all , Oh no , It's smart . People on his grandmother's team often see him , I will still lift the stem of pig waist , But they all know , The child cheated the adults .

Once after drinking , Zhang Xiaosan accidentally told the truth , That day, he was holding two pork loins , But I couldn't find the kitchen , I didn't see anyone else , Throw the pig's waist in the pit of the production team's pigsty ( The big pool in the open air , For compost .) In the .

Zhang Xiaosan said , There is no reason to forget when you go out ? He was young , Afraid of being blamed by adults , That's why I lied .

And then everybody laughed , You know , Zhang Xiaosan is not stupid at all .


You'll lose something , Missing ; You'll lose some people , Missing ; You'll forget something , Missing .

That winter in the early 1970s , It's gloomy and cold , It's going to snow soon .

Zhang Xiaosan holds two pig's waist in huaizi , High and low from Grandma's production team to run home . It's not far away , It's less than two miles , What he thinks in his head is to come back as soon as possible , Don't let the adults suspect that he was home .

He really quickly went back to where he killed the pigs , Seems to have succeeded in tricking Li Si and them .

In the evening, Zhang Xiaosan goes home , Edo asked him where he came from , I'm going to talk to him , Edo asked him to send the pig back , He cried like hell , say , Mom , I want to eat meat ……

The Zhang family hasn't eaten meat for a long time , Edo sighed deeply .

When Zhang San comes home , The pork loin has been cooked , He lost his temper , Throw away the cooked pork loin , Edo is unusually tough , Stop Zhang San .

Zhang Xiaosan is very strange , Don't adults like meat, too ? Why doesn't Zhang San eat pork loin , Edo doesn't eat either ? He can't control that much , Gobble and chew .

Eat the meat , Zhang Xiaosan was beaten up by Zhang San , Crying in a mess , Call mom like hell , Edo didn't save him .


What we see and hear is not necessarily true , even to the extent that , Sometimes you can't remember what you've done , And sometimes , What you haven't done , In memory, there is no doubt about it .

Another few decades have passed , Zhang Xiaosan asked his mother , Do you remember those two pork loins ? Said Edo , Didn't you throw it in the pit ? Zhang Xiaosan said , incorrect , I remember I stole it home , You cook and I eat , I also got a beating from dad .

Edo smiles , You're talking nonsense again , There's no truth , If I cooked pork loin , I won't remember ? It's really right , You are a little girl you forget when you walk out the door !”

Zhang Xiaosan also doubts , Smile and pretend to be surprised and say , Did I remember it wrong ?

I can't help but add a sentence : At that time , I'm dying for meat ……

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