On the sixth day of the first month of the year of the ox, when it is sunny, it is appropriate to worship ancestors

2021-02-22 17:37:28  作者:Photography

Hubei Provincial Museum

Three days in advance , Make an appointment until the morning of the sixth day , I didn't expect the weather to be so good .


The Chinese New Year Ancestor worship

This time, , I didn't forget to bring my ID card , Little tripod , Or not to be brought in , It's at the door .

Enter the gate more than nine in the morning , I didn't come out until more than four in the afternoon .

Walk around alone .

I didn't see Shuihudi Qin bamboo slips for the first two times , This time, the exhibition hall is finally open ,

See Qin Bamboo Slips again , That's the guy “ xi ” My petty official , In the bamboo slips of Qin Dynasty , All his life .


Two words of greatness , It is not enough to describe the awe of ancestors


Three place Beauty


Borrow a piece of glass , Take a self portrait


A family of five


sit lying sit back


A family of three


The weather That's good Warm ocean


The coffee shop on the third floor solved the problem of Chinese food , Continue to immerse in the museum in the afternoon


A corner of the roof on the third floor , with bright windows and clean tables


hard , Cleaner


For nearly seven hours , Legs are all soft .

I was going to watch the sunset , Cancel

get home .