The story of wild lotus root 16

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After lunch , The team leader called cha Sanmei, the female director of the team, to go with him 2 team , Send Alan to the brigade “ interview ”. Actually , So-called “ interview ” That is to let group leader Jiang meet with Alan once .

Director Cha said :“ The daughter of great strength is blessed , He was chosen by Jiang Group as his daughter-in-law .”

The captain laughed , say :“ You are wrong , This girl is not the daughter-in-law of group leader Jiang , But to be his daughter-in-law , What you said is wrong .”

Director Cha also laughed :“ I was wrong , But I still think this little girl is lucky , There are more than a dozen of them as old as her , She is the only girl who is favored by group leader Jiang ……”

Said the captain :“ however , as far as I am concerned , This girl has a sweetheart .”

Director Cha said :“ Your words remind me of , This girl is in love , It's like falling in love with a stone , If she worked as a salesman of a supply and Marketing Cooperative , I'm sure I won't come back to work , Then she won't take a fancy to the poor boy in the countryside .”

Said the captain :“ Things about young people , What we don't understand , Now leader Jiang asked us to call Miss Alan , We'll call her , Other things are none of our business , You're right ?”

Director Cha nodded :“ Right , I don't have to worry about this kind of thing with you .”

here , The clock points to the afternoon 1 Time . The captain looked at his watch , say :“ It's afternoon 1 It's a little over the top , After work in the afternoon , So miss Alan should be working in the field .”

Director Cha said :“2 I'm familiar with the team , I know where members work , go , Let's go to sixty Creek .”

Said the captain :“ If you find her in sixty Creek , If I have a can of tea in my drawer, I will lose it to you .”

Director Cha said :“ It's a deal .”

Said the captain :“ If she's not here , What do you say? .”

Director Cha said :“ I have a can of meat in my drawer , I'll give you this can of meat .”

Said the captain :“ Canned meat , I don't want it .”

Director Cha said :“ What do you want ?”

Captain :“ Let me give you a hug !”

Director Cha said with a smile :“ I'm Xu Niang , Do you still want to eat my tofu ? It's a real joke .”

That's it , They came to sixty Creek , Sure enough 2 All the male and female members of the team work in the field , But she was told that Miss Alan wasn't there , Director Cha asked several people , They also said they didn't know where she had gone , I didn't see her this morning .

At this time , The vice captain appeared .

The captain asked :“ The Arameans ?”

The vice captain asked :“ Captain , How can you and director Cha be in this world ?”

Said the captain :“ Leader Jiang of the working group will meet with Alan in the afternoon , Director Cha and I have come to ask her to go to the brigade immediately .”

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