21 skills, mobile phone easy to take beautiful photos!

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How to compose a picture by mobile phone photography ?

How to color the mobile phone later ?

How mobile phones create works ?

today , The composer chose 13 A picture , Refined their 21 Highlights .

Behind every bright spot , It's all unique to this photographer , I hope it can be used by you , Help you take good pictures .

Please pay special attention to your suggestion , Maybe it can help you get better .

If you want to have your own picture , The composition was commented on , Understand what's good about it , What's not so good , Welcome to contribute , At the end of the article, there are ways to contribute .

The first 1 Zhang , The photographer : Lin Laodou

【 Bright spot 】: The silhouette is beautiful , The scene of architecture and the back of workers , Against the background of the clouds , It's more meaningful .

The busyness of the workers , In exchange for the prosperity of the city .

Our busyness , In exchange for the wonderful life .

The first 2 Zhang , The photographer : Luozheng

《 Roadside surprise 》

Take pictures of mobile phones : Huawei P9

Later Software :Snapseed

Theme commentary : On the way to work in the morning , I accidentally saw several fallen Plumeria , The good mood of the day starts here

【 Bright spot 】: One is the central composition of flowers , Second, the wooden background sets off the white with yellow main body .

The first 3 Zhang , The photographer : Sister Zhang

【 Bright spot 】: The old photographer knows , This is a post composite , There's a sense of interstellar sky .

The first 4 Zhang , The photographer :ོFish

【 Bright spot 】: Beautiful picture , One is the figure's back and reflection , The second is the gradual change of the cloud in the distance .

The first 5 Zhang , The photographer : I love Li Huiwen

The afterglow of the setting sun

Take pictures of mobile phones :. Huawei p30

Revision software :snapseed

【 Bright spot 】:

First, the foreground building is dark , The main body is bright in the distance , The contrast of light and shade 、 The contrast between cold and warm is strong ;

The second is the buildings on the right and front , Form a half frame , The sun is in it .

The first 6 Zhang , The photographer : tyrannical official

《 The awaken of spring 》

Take pictures of mobile phones : Huawei P20

Later Software :Lightroom

【 Bright spot 】: spring is in the air , One is the bright flowers , The second is the bright red color .

The first 7 Zhang , The photographer :Illusion

《 Not to lose the spring light 》

Shooting tools : Huawei p20

Revision software :LR

【 Bright spot 】: Fade the background to monochrome , Highlight the leaves and flowers on the right .

The first 8 Zhang , The photographer :Lonely

《 Future city 》

mobile phone : Huawei p20

【 Bright spot 】: It's a very typical framing , Very strong contrast between light and dark .

The first 9 Zhang , The photographer :perfect

Camera phone : Huawei mate20-1x

【 Bright spot 】:

One is the road curve of the future , It's good traction ;

The second is to put the sun on the top left , More consistent with visual habits than at the top right .

The first 10 Zhang , The photographer : Menxiaoli

【 Bright spot 】:

First, the focus is very clear , The texture is very strong , One of the difficulties in shooting flowers is focusing ;

Second, the flower's phase is very good , It's better to choose than to shoot , At the same time, the color of the flowers is very beautiful .

It's just a little bit mixed in the background , You can use the following method , Borrow the circle frame , The focus embodies the subject , It also avoids the clutter of the background .

The first 11 Zhang , The photographer : Luozheng

《 Different horizons 》

Take pictures of mobile phones : Huawei P9

Later Software :Snapseed

Theme commentary : There is no lack of beauty in life , But the lack of eyes to find beauty

【 Bright spot 】: Great macro work , The flower cores are distributed radially , And yellow and green , It's very eye-catching !

The first 12 Zhang , The photographer : Yang Y an

【 Bright spot 】: First, the color of the background photo is well handled , Simple and elegant ; Second, the creative synthesis in later stage is better , From the lightning above , Spider man to architecture , It's a sense of oneness .

The first 13 Zhang , The photographer :Sundial Dreams

《 Bloom 》

【 Bright spot 】: First, the background is very virtual , Second, the texture and color of the main flower is very beautiful .

【 The architect suggested 】:

The flower is too far in the lower right corner , In the early days of filming , A little more space can be left on the right and bottom of the flower .

If the environment doesn't allow , It's been filmed , It can be dealt with later , Make extra space , Make the picture wider .

The way to do it is : stay Snapseed in , choice “ Tools ” Medium “ an ”, Then drag where you want to widen , The software will automatically fill in the blanks .

Then we can get the satisfactory effect of expansion .

Okay , That's all for today's Film Festival review .

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