Looking for him from all walks of life

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Chen Shihang | writing 2017-09-08

“ Soup , I like you . How about being my girlfriend ?”

“ Good! .”

The night four years ago , In this restaurant , In this position , He asked me this question , I gave him an answer .

I turned to look out of the window , There was a little light leaking out of the darkness . The falling rain beat against the glass , I couldn't help but step back . He came in a hurry , Ask me if I'm ok . I smile and say it's OK , Then eat pig quicksand bag .01

In my freshman year , I came to the city with my suitcase .

Looking at the bustling crowd , Looking at the traffic coming and going , I experienced the loneliness of leaving home for the first time . Cities are getting bigger and bigger , People are more and more lonely .

I remember that day the teacher suddenly asked me , And that was the first time I'd attended the course . A boy helped me out , And I gave him a polite smile .

After class , He came over to talk to me .

He :“ hi , I'm fan fan .”

I :“ I'm soup .”


10 month 8 Japan , I'm back from vacation .

For the first time , But I didn't expect that he was invited to attend . We met by chance , Greet with a smile .

In this restaurant , I met him for the second time . Two people meet in two different ways , I don't know if there's going to be a story with him .

He sat next to me , For the first time I watched him so close . Clean clothes , Clear eyes , And soft voices .

When you look at him , I'm still a little flustered . But his eyes just hit mine , I quickly came back to my senses , Eat with your head down .

The dinner ended with the clash of glasses , Everything is so geographical, of course . 03

Christmas is coming , It's his birthday .

In this restaurant , He made it clear to me .

He said :“ Soup , I like you . How about being my girlfriend ?”

I said, :“ Good! .”


We're not impulsive , And it's not about doing what you want , It's about deciding to be together . For three months , He never forgot to say good night to me , Never forget to accompany me to have breakfast , I've never been restless . We slowly got to know each other .

Although some people say , Some people chase you before and after is not the same . But , If you can be with someone , Don't feel tired , There is no wrong person . Even if it's not a boyfriend or girlfriend , It's going to be a friend of mine .

I looked up and saw on the wall of the restaurant :

There is a day in the end of the world , The scenery is windy , Waves have flowers , And I have you enough

On that day , He turned down friends who wanted to attend the birthday party . He said that with me , You have the whole world .

Eighteen years old , I fell in love with a teenager .

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