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Have to admit , people , It's a strange animal . I've lived in the city for a long time , I'm looking forward to the beautiful villages and towns , Can be free from the chaos of silk and bamboo , There is no need for a document . Sunrise and , The moon falls and the moon dies , sounds of crowing cocks and barking dogs were heard around -- two places are very close to each other , be happy and pleased with oneself .

Xiushui town , It's catering to people “ The grass is always greener on the other side ” The psychological .

Xiushui town , It's not a town , It's a special hotel .

Gaomi City East , Shun Kangcheng Street East , Crossing the Jiaohe bridge , But one or two stories of small buildings stand in the north of the street . It's divided into two levels: one main and two spires , Out of the eaves . The first floor is bigger than the eaves , The eaves on the second floor are smaller , The eaves part , The golden glazed tiles on the eaves are shining in the sunlight , Very spectacular . Under the eaves and on the walls of the spires are hung red lanterns , Hanging on the gable on the top of the second building 3 A , The gable on the top of the main building and under the eaves on the second floor are hung 6 A , Hanging under the eaves of one floor 9 A . In local customs ,3、6、9 It's all lucky numbers , So business goes smoothly , The meaning of following the wind and the water .

The night in Xiushui town is the most charming . The sun is setting , It seems that they are still reluctant to part with people and scenery who have been playing for a day , He hid behind the tall building for a moment , Hide behind the trees for a while , I've restrained my temper , No more heat , Only leave people a gentle back . Sometimes , He was in a good mood , Passionate , Make the clouds beside you red , It has caused people to marvel :“ see , Fire cloud !“ here , The red shadow of the sun is reflected in the river , The golden sparkle , A beautiful river is more charming and moving .

nightfall , Xiushui town is busy and warm . The lanterns are on upstairs and downstairs , The light under the red light cage , Yellow , Looked from a distance , Warm , Let people have a yearning for home .

Step into the lobby , Look around . It still shows the characteristics of the town , Small house like zoning , A sloping green tile roof . A blue and white porcelain jar , A small hill of seafood , A big belly yellow lantern …… Every place , All of them show the ingenuity of the shop owner , All of them convey a kind of pastoral style .

Xiushui town , It's such a warm place .


On the Chinese Valentine's Day , Big sister treat , The whole family went out , I spent a fireworks festival in Xiushui town .

But this time , Peng Yu, the second sister's son, did not attend . He just registered for college , It's already in Harbin Engineering University . Without his presence , We have to talk about him .

Can't help feeling , Time has no feet , But it's going fast . Peng Yu starts from the kindergarten , Until I graduate from primary school , For seven years , I've been eating with me at noon on weekdays , Take a nap with me . That winter in grade two , Follow me at night . I still don't understand , The little man , What's the reason to live with my real life , She didn't choose to be with her mother and grandma .

Because of Peng Yu's coming , When my daughter was in high school , She had a problem with me and her dad , Because whether we go out to play or eat out , Take Peng Yu with you . My daughter's classmates mistook Peng Yu as our own .

When I was a child , I took a nap with him at noon . He can't sleep , Just open your eyes so quietly , Look at the curtains , Over and over again :“ Tiger's old , The curtain of the lion .” I said to him :“ The tiger and the lion are sleeping , Go to sleep, too .”

When my daughter was in College , Peng Yu is only in the fourth grade , When he doesn't want to take a nap, I don't force him to , Instead, let him read in my daughter's room . I handed him a book with readers or special concerns , He can read it every noon . later , I ordered 《 Primary school Chinese teacher 》,《 Teacher Expo 》 Books like that , He also flipped through .

Peng Yu is also naughty , He would throw the ice cream he didn't like to eat behind the TV , I can't find out , I didn't find the ice-cream stick sticking to the ground until I cleaned up during the Spring Festival . He would write his name on the wall, too , And write my daughter's name , Ask him why he wrote his name on the wall , He said , Miss my sister . It makes my eyes sour .

This pantothenic acid , As he is now mentioned in front of the whole family , I feel exactly the same in my heart .

“ Sister-in-law , fast , Peng Yu video ." My second sister interrupts my memory , Hand me the cell phone .

" It's a box ." Peng Yu in the camera called me , He's always been a kid who doesn't like to talk much .

" Oh . Today's military training ?” I asked him .

“ Okay , Exhausted . I don't want to move back to my dorm .” He said with a smile .

I said to him :“ Tired is certain . Just wait until the military training is over . You have to get used to school life as soon as possible , Get on well with your classmates and roommates .”

Peng Yu promised :“ Okay . That's true. .”

With these words , My eyes are red . Big sister said with a smile :“ Look at my sister-in-law , My eyes are red .”

In order to distract her family from missing Peng Yu , Asked a question :“ Don't say , I've been to Xiushui town so many times for dinner , I've never been tired of eating . Who first discovered this place ?”


Our first visit to Xiushui town was recommended by my daughter Qing . She said :“ The original , She came with Dawei and the four of them , Good environment , The dishes are also very good .”

At that time , Qing, who just graduated from University, is in partnership with her classmate Yun , There is a music classroom in the south of my school . Dawei is a substitute in our school . In the process of receiving students and sending them away , Qing meets Dawei and has a good feeling .

winter , Dawei listened to his parents' advice and wanted to be a soldier . The daughter is very tangled . At that time , Although they are still talking about , Except Wei came to my house twice , Qing hasn't met anyone in his family . My husband doesn't approve of their association , Say Dawei looks so eloquent , Frank Qing will suffer if he follows him . I don't think so , I support my daughter :“ As long as you look good , You insist on .”

I see , Qing paid her heart to this relationship . The night before Dawei left , Qing is crying in front of me , say :“ mom , I want to see him off tomorrow . But if you go to see him off, you'll see the family .”

I said, :“ Go if you want , Don't worry so much .”

After sending Dawei back , Sunny eyes, red , Ask me :“ Dawei went for two years , These two years , It doesn't have to happen .”

I comforted her :“ Don't worry , If you really like him , Then wait for him for two years , Although I don't see each other , But you can call , You can video it . Two years later, you 26 year , Even if he changed his mind , We can find the right one in time .”

however , Not until two years , Qing calls Wei again , But it doesn't work . After a few days of fighting , The daughter realized , Maybe there's something wrong with this , Just another phone call . I got through the phone . Qing asked Dawei why he didn't answer the phone , He was over there, embarrassed to say :“ I thought you would stop if you couldn't get through . I'm sorry , My mom doesn't agree with us , Say you don't have a formal job , The burden will be heavy in the future . You also know , I have to rely on my family .”

Qing hasn't finished listening to Dawei , Just say :“ Wei , What about your opinion ?”

Dawei said :“ I think you're fine , however , I have to listen to my family .”

“ good , I know your attitude . don 't worry , In the future , I will not contact you again .” When you finish saying this , Tears are streaming down my face .

When Qing stood in front of me , With a smile on her face , But there are tears in the corner of my eyes . She said :“ mom , It's over . I don't have to worry about him every day . He is his obedient son , Let him listen . It's over !”

I can feel my daughter's heartache . When you give your emotions wholeheartedly , It's not yet time to plan their future , This relationship is forced to draw an exclamation mark .

“ Good , Then you can get out of this relationship as soon as possible , Plan for the rest of your life .” I comforted her .

In the second year , Qing Jing introduced the dragon who was still a village official . It's winter again , Qing was admitted to the career editor , Become what Dawei family said to have a formal job . next , Long also tested the bank . then , They got married , Child , Safety , Happiness .

When I know that Qing has been admitted to the career editor , Dawei is in QQ Li told Qing :“ It's said that you have made up for your career ?”

“ yes , Listen to who said that. ? It has something to do with you whether I get in the exam or not ?” Qing said this , It is with emotion .

Dawei said :“ Listen to my family . congratulations .”

Dawei was demobilized and returned home two years later , Make an appointment to have dinner together . Qing said to him :“ No need to , You and I are married people , Avert suspicion ! Never see each other !”

Sometimes Dawei will call Qing , Qing doesn't pick up every time . I said, :“ You need to answer the phone .”

Qing said :“ Don't pick up . It would be nice not to blacklist him . Break when you break , No future trouble .”

In my heart , I admire my daughter's attitude in dealing with this relationship .


“ teacher , You come here to eat, too ?” When I walk in the corridor with ER Bao in my arms , I met Dawei unexpectedly .

“ Oh , You come to eat too ?” Da Wei holds a boy in his hand , I asked :“ This is your youngest son ?”

“ Okay . Qing has a second child ? It's been several months ?” Dawei asked .

“ fast 5 It's been months .”

“ It's fat .” Dawei exchanged greetings , From time to time, I look at the room where we eat .

later , When Qing came out to give me Er Bao a blanket , I met Dawei . Dawei was stunned , My daughter smiles :“ You come to eat too ?” Dawei replied :“ Okay .”

No more words . They went back to their rooms .

It's true that mountains don't turn and water turns , Water doesn't turn and people turn . The world is too small , Two people who don't want to see each other will also encounter .

On the return bus , I think my daughter has been silent . Ask her :“ See Dawei , I'm not happy ?”

“ It's not unpleasant , It's just like walking and falling , When I get there again , I think of that fall .”

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