Eighteen stairs, the world of our old couple

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Eighteen stairs Street View , Photographed on 15 year , Now it's flat

writing | Before the car knows the practice ( Original name : Sound wave big silver )


Lao Liu is holding a bamboo stick , Beating on Xiao Liu's back , Choking and swearing “ A son of a tortoise ! Don't be angry with your mother again ! Your mother won't let go , I can't agree !”

Xiao Liu got into the car with her head in her arms “ You still want to be here to feed the old and see them off ? Sooner or later, we have to move !”

Old Liu is seventy-eight , I've been through the South and the North all my life , When I was 50, I returned to my hometown of Chongqing , Back to the old house left by my parents , Be a shaver .

“ There are all kinds of good things out there , It's better to be depressed at home ”, Liu likes to drink a little wine and sleep when he is free . Six years ago, Xiao Liu was lying in bed with his mother paralyzed , Lao Liu had to do nothing , Pay attention to my old companion .

Lao Liu is in his 40s and Laolaizi , With Xiao Liu . The son seldom let them worry about it , After graduating from University, I have been working in an institution beside Jiefangbei business circle , Excellent performance , There's a good chance of promotion .

Jiefangbei is famous all over the country , All year round, the lights are shining brightly and strangely , It's the population of Chongqing “ The upper half of the city ”. And the surrounding more old Chongqing people live in the nearby old city of the river —— Gather together , Broken down “ Lower city ”.

Eighteen stairs —— One of the symbols of old Chongqing , It's an old street connecting the two worlds , Zigzag stone step ridge .


Eighteen stairs Street View , Photographed on 15 year , Now it's flat

“ dad , Why are you so stubborn ? The neighbors are moving away , We have to hurry up , It's not like we don't have a place to live , The old city renovation plan has been put forward , It's a matter of course .”

“ Which one likes to move or which to move , It's your mother who said she couldn't leave , She can't get used to your cement cage , It's tall and stuffy, and it's very , There was a lot of noise around .”

“ In recent years, Chongqing's economy has developed so rapidly , There was a lot of excitement , These old urban areas must be demolished , This is not what you said .”

“ More developed , I can't leave my home either !”

“ You see, there's a bunch of filmmakers on the street recently , The little mountain you like is still in it , What do you shoot 《 Passing through your whole world 》, It must be very hot , thus , We need to push this thing forward , The next step is to build an urban tourist area .”

“ Um. , What else is that called eighteen ladders , Yishuier's new building , That's your young people's world … Yue Yunpeng came to Chongqing to make films ? He stopped talking about cross talk ? That's monkey business . What's the name of the movie ?”

“ Passing through your whole world .”

“ Um. , This eighteen stairs is your mother's old man's world , No matter how good it is outside, it's not as good as the ditches here . Passing by is passing by , No matter how busy it is, there will be a day to end the show , Let's go after the movie , Give us old people a clean .”

“ You don't want to see xiaoyueyue ?”

“ I can hear him set up those dragon's gate array , Look what he's a little boy doing !”


Eighteen stairs Street View , Photographed on 15 year , Now it's flat

Xiao Liu's son is six years old , Since children seldom come here except for the Spring Festival “ Lower city ” play , Don't let the hell out of it , It's a mess here , There are even drug addicts , It's not safe .

“ Pull the handle !” Lao Liu scolded “ Who doesn't know me here, Lao Liu , Dare to touch my grandson , I'm tired of living .”

Old Liu likes to take little Liu to tell him the story of the old town and the old street .

Talk about his gratitude and resentment between him and Tzeng, a pedicure elder on the ladder , The two of them were the first ones in the street , Together they passed the dock at Chaotianmen 、 Hot pot , When it comes to happiness , Lao Liu put little Liu around his neck , Take him to the riverside to see the boat , Look at the confluence of the two rivers .

Later, because Lao Liu wanted to go out and make a living , I had a fight with Lao Zeng , Lao Zeng asked Lao Liu to go out and never come back . Liu said that this is my hometown, my root , I must come back , When I come back, I have to find you shoulder to shoulder and work hard for a few years .

Twenty years later , Lao Zeng can't make a stick . Day and night up and down the hill , I've always had a problem , Lumbar debility , Serious varicose veins in both legs , I had to learn how to repair my feet , Set up a small stall on the terrace to pass the time , It's boring . Until one day , Lao Liu came to him with a bag and a folding chair , I also set up a stall to practice my top skills .


Eighteen stairs Street View , Photographed on 15 year , Now it's flat

Lao Zeng is going to move away .

I came to have a drink with Lao Liu , Lao Liu is cutting his wife's hair .

“ You did it yourself ?”

“ The barber shop on slope has moved out , It's a good idea , So I came , Your sister-in-law doesn't want me to cut it , I think I only shave my head .”

“ Ah , My mother , Take it apart , Move it , Chongqing City , No way .”

“ Right , No way .”


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