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Hand shot


Once again, , The street I went through , It's strange . Old buildings that used to be familiar are surrounded , No more excitement , Mottled figure , It looks lonely .

Asked the roadside cool uncle, learned that , This area is due to the needs of shantytown reconstruction , Demolition is just around the corner .

The soft afterglow of the evening sun , It is reflected in a few words of Rongjiang theater , There are many memories of my youth . It's a little green , The unsealed memory is closely related to this place .

On the screen are the joys and sorrows of drama life , And in reality, it also carries our laughter .

For a long time , I found the house next to the cinema in the alley “ Plum juice fruit ”, A large portion of strawberry juice in your hand , Look out into the distance , Time seems to return to that September .


It was still sixth grade , When I first met Suchen . I live in the countryside , Every village has its own primary school , Basically from the first grade , The students in the class have not changed , Everyone is familiar with . The village is so big , The students are basically the same age , Relatives and friends of parents , Perplexing , They all play together .

His arrival , It was an accident in our class , When I first arrived , Don't talk to other students . Some people say he's out of town , My parents work here . When some playful boys in the class bullied him , When he opened his mouth, he was in the native dialect , Dig tight .

Only later did I know , He used to live in the city , Because my parents went to Shenzhen to open a hotel , I didn't take him with me . Put him in foster care with my grandparents , I came to live in the countryside , Went to the school in the village , Be a student in the class .

At the beginning , He is out of place with his classmates , Most of the rural children's favorite games are East, West, North and south ,1、2、3 Wooden man , Marbles , Flight chess , And rope skipping . And he didn't play any of these , When we have a break between classes , We're playing . He's sitting in his seat , Turn your head sideways , Keep your face up , Looking at us, we look curious .


I'm the team leader , Watch him and want to be involved , When I don't know how to join , I asked him , Haven't you played with this ?

He said , Never played , In the city primary school , Everyone is not doing their homework during the break , It's just being dazzled , No one will play these games . Entertainment is going to the cinema on weekends , In the evening, I occasionally listen to Chaozhou Opera with my father , I have a recorder , You stand here , Let me show you .

He took a little thing out of his bag , Connect two wires , Put it in your ear ,“ Life, who is willing to cherish youth , The little sister sings and plays the piano , Lang, we are one heart ” The sound slowly passes through the headphone cable , To the ear , Melody heard heart .

As a token of his appreciation for listening to the tape recorder , I also play with him . Rigour from the beginning , To integrate into the environment of the class , Be a good friend of all . It only took him a week , Even because of his arrival , The learning atmosphere in the class is obviously enhanced , Teachers also regard him as a living treasure , He also found a sense of belonging in the class .

On Friday afternoon , It's usually in advance of 3 spot 30 After school . We're done cleaning up , Go out of school in high spirits , The sun was not very big that day , There's also a breeze , It's cool , It's very comfortable , I have an idea , God said to Suchen mysteriously , I'll take you to a fun place .


Half an hour's field trail , The scene before us , I was not disappointed . Water washed the same sky , Wild flowers of different colors , There are bees among the flowers , Butterflies are flying , A few wisps of flowers , It's all over the place , It's just like ink painting .

“ Lin Huan , How do you know , There is such a beautiful place here , There are flowers and trees , There are clear streams .” Suchen opened her arms , Close your eyes , Intoxicated in the scenery .

“ Yes, of course , This is my place , Where there are beautiful , Where is there fun , I know .” I laughed with pride , I knew he would love it here .

We sat cross legged on the grass , Looking up at the sky above , And chat and play . On the way back , Suchen said , I'll take you to the cinema tomorrow , Tomorrow is Saturday. There should be a comedy .

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