How many seasons have he gone through? Clear memories of youth

2020-11-19 23:04:15  作者:Joint essay pool of city story, photography and architecture ci

Come here to see the rain in winter , Dream is the only luggage , Come back gently , Don't wake up the past , Every corner has memories .

After graduation for more than 20 years, I've been dreaming of , Find a Sunday off day , Back here again .

here , It's the place where I study in secondary school 、 A place where I have been practicing for one year 、 Work was assigned to the nearest home, and the nearby hospital was sent to study for a year .

here , I left behind the secret love when I was young , I didn't say a word to him from the beginning to the end , But wrote a pink poetry collection for him .

It's like a song : Summer and summer slip by , Leave a little secret , Press the bottom of the core , I can't tell you , The evening wind blows warm my heart , I think of you again , Never forget you .

In pink memories , It's not all sunshine. There's a rainy season at seventeen .

The young girl stands under the flowering tree , Just to see you , When you show up , Happy heart diary is sunny day ; I didn't see you , The heart will also be intermittent under a rain .

I don't like to walk the nearest distance between two points , Through the hospital corridor , Smell the smell of Laisu water , After the emergency room, through the physiotherapy department, through the noisy and crowded outpatient registration hall .

Choose to walk around the building outside , The canteen is still the same as it has been for decades , Stand at ease in your own corner .

It's ten minutes before noon when I go to school , The sound of taking the rice bowl will ring in the classroom , Someone dropped a spoon on the concrete floor and made a crisp sound , Move the chopsticks to count the meal tickets .

This road , I met you countless times , You have a proud smile on your face , Youth is flying and singing all the way .

We used to wander the same way , The same dream of a good time , Feel the same old water .

《 You know my confusion 》, Several big boys are walking in front of us, singing songs , Forever engraved in memory .

Your back is engraved in my memory , Some of our girls in red doing aerobics on the playground , If you can't remember ?

You stood in the crowd that year , When we dance, we face the dormitory building , What you see is our jumping back , When the music is over 、 When I was standing in the middle of the first row, I turned , See your chin up and watch your face .

Every new year's day in the hospital auditorium will be performed in May , What I remember most is that young teachers dance on stage 《 Green apple paradise 》.

I contributed to Beijing Youth Daily under my pseudonym , The editor sent me a reply , I used to lie here quietly , When I open it and read it .

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