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Border town @ Chadong @ Meitu, look down

( One ) Early August , In Shen Congwen's works 《 Border town 》( Chadong town ) Stay a few days . It happened to be the rain that happened to come . That's the rain that I'll never forget —— The rain of tea Cave .

Four o'clock in the morning , Flowers are not sleeping , The trees are just waking up . I got up sleepy , Just caught up with the amorous , gentle and soft , The rain of tea cave is full of life . It's rare to hear the rain at that moment , Who are the Jiangnan women who listen to the rain with me ?

There's a lot of traffic here , The little age of material expansion , In many people's hearts, the simple elegance has already disappeared , If we say that those adults will get up at 4 o'clock in the morning, just like Balzac's grandstand goes first, it is for gold , It may also be to support the family .

Who has the heart to listen to the rain like me ?

( Two ) The rain in Chadong is the most representative in the south of the Yangtze River . Elegant but dignified , Amorous but never soft .

This is the tea hole in the rain , Tea hole in the rain . Shen Congwen, a literary giant in Western Hunan, has a town of eternal simplicity —— Border town .( It was originally called Chadong ) I stand at the wooden window in front of the stilted building . Listen to the rain , The sound of the stream , Listen to the hope and love of Cuicui on the island , Listen to the old yellow dog barking and sad .

listen , The rain drops on the banks of weeping willows , The joy of jumping on the awning boat , The excitement and tenderness of kissing pedestrians on the cheek . The rain in Chadong is not “ Black clouds turn over the ink and cover the mountain , The white rain splashes into the boat ” The impatience is just fierce . It's like Xu Zhimo coming quietly , Gently go to , Just a faint trace . soft , Moist , Full of life , Nurture tenderness .

At night , I don't know when it rained .

The rain in Chadong is just “ Into the night with the wind , Polish makes no sound ” The smell . The drizzle dripped on the broad and thick plantain leaves , And the wind beat against the leaves of Wutong . I just heard “ Qingquan stone is superior , The bright moon and pine trees ” Ding Dong's gentle heart . Feast for the eyes , Find the scenery pleasing to both the , Indulge in the rain . If children play and forget the time , Another example is that the white headed man is drunk in the rain and doesn't want to wake up ……

So the light rain sprinkled over the small town of Chadong , The town is sleeping in the rain for thousands of years , No dust , Keep the original beauty and simplicity ……

( 3、 ... and ) Come to tea cave , Of course, it depends on the stilted buildings of the Miao family . The Diaojiaolou in the drizzle at dawn is the most beautiful ?

Diaojiaolou in the drizzle , Such as the beauty of Jiangnan . The sunken fish fell Wild goose , so beautiful as to cause the flowers to blush and the moon to hide -- an incomparable beauty , If the long legs of a beautiful woman . Diaojiaolou cries in the rain , Smile in the rain , For life .

Green willow in front of Cuicui island , Look down and make up . The water in the stream flows around the island and sings a song of Li . The rubber embankment is playing different notes . That row of stilted buildings are like a mysterious and solemn soldier guarding Cuicui and her yellow dog . Old street in front of Diaojiaolou , It's called Zhongshan street . It's upstairs , Laladu , Pedestrians , Cuicui island , Three regardless of Island Hotel scenery and people , It's a panoramic view , Be clear at a glance .

The beauty of stilted buildings in the rain , There's nothing more than a change in its shape , Too much elegant and generous .

( Four ) The most romantic thing in Chadong is to be in the rain with a beautiful woman , Hand in hand . Catch up with the earliest Lala ferry . The ferry loomed in the rain , Drifting away .

Carrying the hand of a beautiful woman in the rain , Spend a long time together , Suddenly, I heard the folk song of Er Lao Nuo sending moving soul in the misty rain …… A talented person must be accompanied by a beautiful woman , Another oil paper umbrella . Walking along the old street , On the history of literature , That's got to attract a lot of envious eyes . It can be said that she is in love , Yuzi I fell in love with . Qianer jade hand , Block all the wind and rain in your life ……

Take a Lala to cross Qingshui River and Guizhou or Chongqing . One foot can step on three provinces , It's a special feature .

Walking along the ancient green stone path , Let the drizzle kiss the hair , I'm not in a hurry . On the Lala ferry , The bank is higher than the bridge . This bridge shows the flavor of that year even more in the wind and rain .

The drizzle moistens the wooden fence , The pedestrian supported the wooden fence with one hand and looked at the distant misty and rainy scenery , large , Charming back , But the girl in Jiangcheng …… She looked back inadvertently , In the misty rain painting bridge, that mutual casual look at each other , More charming , It's fascinating , Can't forget for a long time ……

Wind and rain bridge leads to a small island . That island is the famous tea cave “ Three no matter island ” It is said that when the two sides had any gratitude and resentment, they would settle it by bicycle , Hunan, the border of the three provinces, does not care , Guizhou doesn't care about , Chongqing can't control .

Now there are hotels and restaurants on the island , The scenery is even better , The charming back , Then disappeared on the island . The running water gurgles , It's beautiful , In the misty smoke, the island looms , We can see the flavor of that year ……

( 5、 ... and ) Take a walk in the rain of tea cave , Listen to a thousand years of singing , Dream back to the world , Once in a lifetime, Chadong has become self-sufficient . Once the tea cave passed , A hundred years later , Only wish the misty rain can fall for thousands of years, and be isolated from the worldly turbid things , Don't want a grain of dust falling from the sky , Tarnishing its beauty .

Stay at a friend's house for many days , Consciously disturb . In the misty rain at dusk don't , From the rain , From the rain again .

unforgettable , Wave goodbye for the last time in the rain ; unforgettable , The reluctant and moving before leaving .“ Peach blossom pool is a thousand feet deep , Not as good as Wang Lun .” unforgettable , Friends accompany me to the long road to the station in the rain , More unforgettable misty rain in the affectionate look at not give up …… In the moment of turning around , That misty rain is to render a stream of smoke sorrow , The sadness and light joy of the wind in the city . Let's go let's go , It is men who always go far away , I will grow up , I wish I were the little prince who listened to the rain . May the town behind you be quiet , simple , Never fall into the dust of the earth .

It's still raining outside the window , I'm still listening “ have bosom friends afar , The end of the earth is like a neighbor .” Fish and geese pass on my meaning , The post station sends green plum .” Write a spiritual song , In memory of the time in the rain , When I step into the rain again , I'll also listen , Listen carefully , Because I love the rain in Chadong .

This is my beloved hometown in my life —— Chadong !( Border town )




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