Wu's garden

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At the beginning of the matter , We always have a lot of good expectations and passion to pay , Even if it's possible to be betrayed , So what ? At least we will remember : I used to love !

Wu's garden

Chen Cheng is an office white-collar , The usual job is to type documents , Occasionally gossip , Busy waiting for the arrival of the weekend .

Chen Cheng's double break , She doesn't like staying at home , We take part in various offline activities every weekend . Mountaineering 、 Tracing the stream 、 Board role-playing games , She likes , This time she took part in a tea tasting .

At the appointed time , She turned left and right according to the map , Finally came to a house , The black iron door at the door was concealed , It looks like a private house .

She was standing at the door , Looking around , There are pedestrians on both sides of the road , But no one stopped to take a look , It's estimated that the neighborhood has seen too much, so I'm used to it .

Chen Cheng contacted the person in charge online , Make sure it's this place, then slowly open the door , Go in .

Wu's garden

Once in the door , In front of us is a concrete road , To the front of the curtain , I wrote a big tea on the door . Yes , Today's activity is to organize everyone to enjoy tea .

Walk into the room , Chen Cheng saw several tables and chairs inside , Inside, she saw a very large table , It's supposed to be the place where they're waiting for tea .

When she gets to the table , A boy with glasses stood up , Say hello . Chen Cheng also introduced himself immediately . The boy's name is Jiang Feifan , Is the initiator of today's event , After two people said hello , Chen Cheng found a corner and sat down .

When everyone is almost there , Jiang Feifan began to introduce himself , Get familiar with each other , Then explain the history and story of tea .

Chen Cheng was very focused , She has been watching Jiang Feifan , Watching him talk about tea culture , Watching him make tea for everyone . His hands are beautiful , It's very slender , The nails are well manicured .

In the activity, we tasted black tea , Jiang Fan first introduced several varieties of black tea to you , Then I made a kind of tea , Pour it into a teacup , Let's see the color of the tea soup .

Jiang Fan holds a teapot to explain how to distinguish the quality of tea by the color of tea soup , Chen Cheng looks at the glass pot which was once transparent. Now it has a bright and beautiful luster because of the tea , Other people are around Jiang extraordinary four weeks to learn his appearance, carefully observe .

After observing the soup color , Jiang Fan pours tea for everyone , After pouring, Jiang Fan picked up his own cup , Smell it first ,“ It's delicious , Good tea !”. So everyone followed his example , I began to smell the tea , Echoed “ It's so sweet .”.

He began to taste tea , We also learned from him and poured tea into his mouth , Chen Cheng holds up the cup , Put it to your mouth , A sweet smell is over the tip of my tongue , Then the tea still has a little honey fragrance lingering in the throat for a long time . The aftertaste is sweet , She listened to people's comments , While tasting the taste of black tea .

Chen Cheng has never been exposed to tea before , Through this event , Make her like tea , I also like a boy who knows tea

Tea tasting is over , Chen Cheng added Jiang Feifan's wechat , But except for a few simple words at the beginning , I haven't seen each other since .

Chen Cheng is not willing to break the contact , But I don't know how to take the initiative , One day, she found a place on the Internet to organize tea art learning , I applied for a weekend shift .

Through a month's study , From the beginning of tea to the development of tea . From green tea to Pu'er , She has a comprehensive knowledge of tea . Chen Cheng is more and more confident , Imagine the next time we meet, Jiang Fan will have a new look at her .

Tea art class is over , Chen Cheng released her learning progress in her circle of friends , I didn't expect Jiang Fanfan to like it , And he said to her, cheer on . She was happy for a long time after she saw it .

Not yet waiting for her to calm down , Jiang extraordinary unexpectedly sends information to her actively , Invite her to the tea tasting salon and hope that she will be the salon event assistant , She was in a hurry to promise .

Wu's garden

On the day of the Salon , She was wearing a very elegant skirt , It complements the activities of the day . The salon went well , Finish the activity , Jiang Fan invited her to dinner , And then they had their first nice dinner .

Because they both like tea , With a common topic , Before you know it , The relationship between the two is close , And then every Salon , Chen Cheng is Jiang Feifan's exclusive assistant .

One's life is a process of searching , Everyone in this process according to their own preferences to find the meaning of life . looking for her for thousand times in the crowd , Suddenly look back , The life you want to look for and the person you want to look for is right in front of you .

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