Looking for his figure in the flowers

2020-11-19 23:04:11  作者:Joint essay pool of city story, photography and architecture ci

It's a big flower market , As soon as you enter the crowded greenhouse , Let me feel a light in front of my eyes . Along the way , Acquaintances and strangers have only a fleeting glance , He quickly turned his head , With curious eyes open , While using the mobile phone to capture this rare colorful , I'm afraid I'll miss everything in front of me if I'm not careful .

This is my first visit to this beautiful flower market . I've heard colleagues talk about its difference , Today, I finally saw it . I was colored by flowers 、 The green leaves and strong branches of the trunk make a dazzling sight , too many things for the eye to see .

That bursts of sweet scented osmanthus , With the rose 、 Lily 、 Orchid and so on call and call not famous floret grass , Let me in nature , Intoxicated in the flowers, unable to extricate themselves . Oh , What a spectacular sea of flowers .

See? , Bright and tender tulips , A brilliant and unrestrained bunch of red , Deep red gerbera , Pink, tender and water-soluble roses …… They are as red as fire , It's as pink as a cloud , As white as snow , Blue as the sea , Let the passers-by , I can't help but stop , I admire all the wonderful things here .

Unconsciously , We came to an old man . Take a close look at , Cry out with joy . It's a coincidence , This old man turned out to be Uncle Li from our village .

He was a retired worker , Because I love flower culture , So I rented a stall here last year , I started the business of flower culture . The old man looks sixty or seventy years old , He has a strong body .

Wearing a light grey T-shirt , Although it is full of white hair , But it looks hale and hearty , And very talkative . To see us coming , The old man is very happy , Please call on us to enjoy the flowers and tea .

The garden that Uncle Li is in charge of , The torch pineapple stands like a torch among the broad leaves . Long and thin leaves of Gladiolus , More like a powerful sword , On the green yew trees , Is lying lazily, only red “ Little lantern ”.

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