Photo 798: looking for light and shadow with Olympus

2020-11-19 23:04:08  作者:Travel and photography

Art is a kind of enjoyment , The most fascinating enjoyment of all .—— Romantic Roland

798 The art district is a famous card punching holy land for literary and artistic youth in Beijing .

There's a bar here , There are also cafes , There's a concert , There are also galleries .

In the big old factory building , Young people are bustling , The atmosphere of literature and art is everywhere .

I came to see the photo exhibition , A rare fine day , I also picked up my camera and swept the street .

In recent years , I've been here many times 798, Every time I feel different .

Except for my favorite bookstore 、 The gallery must punch out , Every time I climb up to that high platform and turn around .

Original 798 It's an abandoned factory , Standing on it overlooking , Don't have a taste .

Winter 798, Against the setting sun , It seems quiet and gentle .

Late winter and early spring evening .

798 The steps of , It's all abstract .

I like the contrast between blue and gold .

I wish the sun would set slowly .

Stand high , Take a picture of yourself , Keep it as a souvenir .

The abandoned factory reflected in the glass window .

Overlooking the people and vehicles coming and going below .

I like this kind of silhouette with strong contrast .

In the past two years, with the compact Olympus em10 The second generation took a lot of similar pictures .

stay 798, The motorcycle lights on the street are also artistic .

A corner with mottled light and shadow .

Passing by a skeleton shop , Didn't dare to go in .

The branches at the door of the shop are so artistic .

A wall of light and shadow .

It's construction again .

I use Olympus em10 The second generation photographed brave workers .

798 The workers , It can also be an artist .

This is a picture I took when I came here , My favorite work .

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