Learn these 10 moves, and you'll be better at your reflection

2020-11-19 23:01:06  作者:Travel and photography

source : Photography is simple

Today, I'd like to introduce how to make a good reflection ,10 Here's a tip to brighten your work .

1. Arrange the subject

The subject is a visual point , Make the picture more artistic , A bird 、 A boat 、 Any tree can .

2. Vanishing point

By comparing the big and the small , Placing the subject on the vanishing point is more eye-catching .

3. Contrast between reality and reality

When shooting, the slow door can make the water more unreal .

4. Lens tension

Take a wide angle view , Closer to the edge of the lens, the still life is magnified , From increasing the visual impact of the picture .

5. Looking for the future

The foreground can account for the location of the scene , To make the picture more hierarchical .

6. Low angle

With stones as the foreground , Plus a low angle , The sense of space in the picture is more intense under the stretch of the lens .

7. Backlight silhouette

When the environment is messy , When the color is too loud , Silhouette is a simple and powerful way to shoot .

8. The subject is simple

Subtraction in composition , Especially for beginners, this is very important .

9. Leave the fun blank

“ message ” What is left is a kind of artistic conception , If the environment is too clear, it will destroy the beauty of artistic conception .

10. Waiting for the light

When the light is on the mountain 、 The woods 、 When the clouds are blocked, it is very likely to form narrow light , Shoot with narrow light , The picture will be very vivid .

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