Tibet's Secret travel: reincarnation of life and death

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Take pictures of Sichuan and Tibet · The color of

Tibet secret line · Chapter two of the reincarnation of life and death Seda is in a state of shock

Wen figure / Listen to the snow in the north of the city

Chapter two Seda is in a state of shock Yuan Festival in the chilly wind and rain , How much Acacia can not send . Long hate this life, long parting , I always remember my old friends .( modern . The moon lights the city )


A month later 9 End of month , I set out on my own journey to Seda . In order to save a few pictures of grandfather Mao , Take a hard sleeper from Guangzhou to Chengdu , The bottom has become a steamed bun .

I didn't stop in Chengdu, where the rhythm was so slow that I didn't stop , Early the next morning , I got on the first bus from chadianzi bus station to Seda .

The shuttle bus starts from Chengdu 317 The national highway , Along the northern latitude 33 The line goes forward . After passing the Aba state government , This is the most beautiful road in China , Along the way, there are all kinds of body throwing 、 Three kneeling pilgrims 、 A donkey riding a bicycle into Tibet , And the lamas and passers-by in a hurry .

In the car , All the way I was thinking , If I met nine brothers , Is it right to give him a big blow , To greet him for two years , No audio . Or let Xiao Wan sing poems , To be drunk with us in the dark , The wolf howled 《 sacred 》. This picture is so beautiful , I can't even think about it .

600 It took two days to complete the journey , The second half , The road is getting worse . Half of them are rolling stones 、 Gravel road 、 Muddy road , Debris flow 、 Landslides can also be seen everywhere .

All the way up the mountain road 、 downhill slope , After walking one by one . The rocks on the rocky cliffs on both sides of the road , I feel like I will fly down and smash the front of the car at any time , The bus is less than 100 kilometers in two hours .

On the way to Seda county , The driver suddenly pointed to the canyon on the side of the road , With a sigh ,“ There was a girl last month , I don't know what I can think of , I jumped down from here .”

“ No one died , Did anyone save her ?”, There are passengers on the side .

“ Ma Ma pi , Save a hammer ”, The driver glared at the passenger , The sound goes up an octave ,“ The cliff is so high , The water is so fast , Green Tara can't save it .”

I subconsciously looked in the direction of the driver's finger , In the dim Twilight , There seems to be something like a reddish windbreaker , Entangled in the thorns at the bottom of the Canyon , Swing left and right with the wind .

Twilight is everywhere , Night covers the wild , The dusty bus finally drove into Seda county bus station .

Take pictures of Sichuan and Tibet · Jin se Da 317 National Road


When I got out of the car , Take out the climbing bag and put it on your shoulder , Just preparing to take a step , I was caught by someone's wrist , Hold it tight , Look again , The one who caught me was the old one of the two lamas who got on the bus in Aba state .

One old and one young Lama , When ABA got on the bus and passed by me , I felt that the old Lama looked at me more , At the same time, I hold my hands , I keep reading “ Oh, ma'am, BAM, hum ”. Because there are too many lamas chanting while walking in Tibetan areas , I didn't take it to heart .

The old Lama seems to be in his sixties , Bent thin body , It's full of short, hard white hair , Due to long-term exposure to high-altitude ultraviolet radiation , The whole face is full of gullies , There was a dark red in the oily dark brown .

The little lama is no more than 15 years old , There are white spots on the Red Apple's face , A grin , Showing neat big white teeth , It's full of childishness and innocence .

“ What are you doing? , let go !” I feel puzzled , My wrist is hurt by the old Lama , Struggling and yelling .

“ This householder , Please follow me to visit a guru first .” Not only did the old Lama not let go , It's a little tighter , The wrist is as if it's been hooped to death , How can a thin old man have such great strength .

“ Don't pull me , I have no money , It's not some of your lay in .” The behavior of the old Lama made my first impression , Just trying to force me to go somewhere , With the so-called blessing to eliminate disasters and avoid disasters , Cheat my money .

I can't get rid of , I have to change to begging tone , There are so many people in a car , Why do you choose me , And it's still at night , I don't know you at all , There is no hatred , Yes, please , Let me go .

The old Lama is busy ,“ No , I promise I won't charge you any money , You can come with me .”

The old Lama still doesn't let go , I can't get rid of , I'm very upset , Quarrel with him and push and shove . Other passengers getting off the bus , See us like this , They all gathered around to watch the fun . I speak out loud , The people scolded the old Lama as a cheat .

For a long time , The old Lama is not willing to let go , The little Lama went to pull him , But he grabbed my wrist more tightly . Three or five people came up again , Waist hugging , The handle, the handle , Breaking fingers, breaking fingers , It's like the Japanese in sumo , It took a lot of hard work to pull him apart .

I turned and ran , The old Lama was dragged by the little lama with his hands around his waist , Stumble after me . Chasing all the way, shouting all the way ,“ This householder , You must go with me , I'm for you ”.

I am determined to leave , Then shout ,“ It's OK not to go today , Please come to Dongga temple tomorrow .” The louder the tone, the more urgent , Finally, there was the smell of begging .

I ran a hundred meters ahead , Make sure the old Lama can't catch up with me , He looked back . Seeing the crowd encircle the old Lama to stop and persuade , He just stopped . The old Lama did not know what he was saying to the people , Let's listen to , Looking up at me from time to time .

The old Lama was finally forced away by the crowd who ate melons , I don't stop , Run in the direction of the city . Around the corner, I look back again , I saw that the crowd was scattered , Only the little lama is with the old Lama , Still not willing to stand in the original place .

The old Lama's thin back was drawn by street lamps in the cold wind , The crimson cloak fluttered up and down with the wind , The scraps of paper on the ground are also gyrated by the cold wind .

A sense of guilt burst into my mind , After many years , The long and slanting figure of the old Lama , And from time to time it appears in my memory .

Take pictures of Sichuan and Tibet · Seda in the night


After I got rid of the old Lama , Look down the street for , At the end of the town street “ Okada rinpoche's ” The inn . The inn is recommended by Xiao Wan , It was ordered half a month ago .

The owners of Tibetan travel inns are basically mainlanders , In order to expand 、 deep 、 On 、 Most of them are from the north , And it's basically a donkey friend .

“ Okada rinpoche's ” Small inn owner Xiao Pang , I happen to be from Shenzhen , Round face with black rimmed glasses , Lips are always covered with pleasant smile .

The color of , In fact, it's just a small town in Western Sichuan , What really makes Seda famous is located in the county 20 More than a kilometer away , There is a lamarong Wuming Buddhist College in the ravenggou valley .

Wuming Buddhist College was established by master Jin Mei pengcuo in 1980 Created in , It's the largest Tibetan Buddhist Academy in the world , There are 560000 people who study and practice in the college .

The atmosphere of Tibetan Buddhism is very strong here , It's a paradise for Tibetan Buddhists , It's a must for pilgrims . Many practitioners and the daily celestial burial ceremony , It's full of mystery .

When I settled down in the hotel , It's evening 22:00. The color of 9 Night at the end of the month , The temperature is almost below zero .

I hid in the quilt and called Xiao Wan , It's a busy tone . I had to send her a message on wechat , Xiaowan , I have arrived , When can you and Jiuge meet ?

In the process of waiting for information , Fatigue comes , Fight up and down the eyelids . In a daze , Touch your forehead with your hand , Scalding , High fever .

I was busy taking the medicine bag out of my bag , Catch a cold medicine and antipyretic medicine and swallow it with mineral water , Under the action of drugs , I soon fell asleep .

In my dream, someone came to sing …… The lover lost , Can only go to the dream to find . The lotus is in bloom , The whole world is full of Bodhisattva's smile . The sky is changeable , The earth is impermanent , Looking back at , Buddha is me . I am just like you , Who are you , Who are you again . I can only love you all my life , But I can't love you all my life . The one who was once , A feast for the transgender woman . Full of spring , Gently nourish the heart in Buddhism . She accidentally , Look back at me . Snowy plateau , He trembled . The lover lost , Can only go to the dream to find . The lotus is in bloom , The whole world is full of Bodhisattva's smile ……(—— Liu Debin 《 Tibet secret 》)

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