The National Museum of Loulan lost its Millennium civilization

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My first impression of the ancient city of Loulan , originate 90 It's a song that was popular all over the country ——《 Loulan girl 》.

Still remember the melody of the song with a touch of western style , The sweet female voice sang softly :

There is a bride with a flower cover / Can't see her innocent face / Walking on a string of melodious songs / On the way to get married

There is a bride with a flower cover / Hold up the yellow sand for half a sun / Leave me the fragrance that will never pass away / Take away my dreams day and night

Miss Loulan, where are you going / Miss Loulan, where are you going / The road ahead is too far, and the wind is too wild / Why don't you stop at my cashier's ……

1934 year , Bergman, a Swedish archaeologist, discovered for the first time a thousand year old woman's body in Lop Nur . An article once described the scene at that time in this way :

“ On the hill , There are mummies all over the place 、 Human skeleton 、 The broken body 、 Huge pieces of wood and thick wool fabric that trip your legs at any time . In a boat shaped wooden coffin , There is a well preserved female corpse . Open the coffin , The tight shroud was powdered at the touch of it . Uncovering the rotten cloth covering the face , A beautiful young girl , Keep your eyes closed , The corners of the mouth are slightly cocked , It's like falling asleep with magic , There is a mysterious smile on his face . This is the legendary “ Loulan Princess ” or “ Queen rob ”. She was asleep under the desert 3800 many years ……”

1900 year , The ruins of Loulan ancient city appear for the first time , Shocked the world . More than 30 years later , Deep in the desert , This woman with a mysterious smile , Once again, the whole world is obsessed with Loulan .

It is said that , The woman has bird feathers on her head , It means that at the time of burial , She was also a bride .

The beauty of youth's death , Love in life and death , The two elements collide , In an instant, the legend of Loulan was covered with a melancholy and beautiful veil .

The poet wept for it , Singers sing for it , Sentient beings , It's sad to hear it .

Xi Murong is in 《 Loulan bride 》 It says : my lover I was buried in tears

With pearls With frankincense

Wrap my smooth body

Shaking hands again Feather the bird

In my Satin hair

He closed my eyes gently

know He's the last image in my eyes

Spread flowers all over my chest

At the same time And his love and sorrow


It's just , I've heard the most moving legend , I've read the most pitiful poems , After enjoying the most melodious melody , I'm still curious , What is the real Loulan ancient country like ?

In human history , Countless ancient cities have disappeared in the desert , Why does Loulan have such a huge magic , It can catch the eyes of the whole world ?

I don't have the ability to travel through time and space , There is no more than ordinary people's perseverance , So in this life, it is doomed to be impossible to explore the secrets of Loulan ancient country in person .

And to my great surprise , The National Museum has exhibited several pieces of Loulan relics , Let ordinary people be like me , To see the lost civilization for a long time .

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