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2018 year , As a wildlife photographer ( self-styled ⊙﹏⊙……), I finally got my first SLR ( Canon 80D), This is a slightly bulky machine .2018 I took it through the ancient city of Xi'an , Take it on a pilgrimage to Qinghai Lake , Take it back to the town of Liujiaxia , I passed by with it 2018.

2018 year , More than 3000 photos were taken by mobile phone and camera (99.9% For waste pieces ), After all, the big wave didn't find gold in the sand , So you'll see the following 10 The pair has no composition 、 No content 、 Run out of bad pictures , The photos are sorted by the time they were taken (OTL). one Snow shadow

Shooting time :201804052130 Shooting equipment :Canon EOS 80D

Graph : This should be 2018 The last snow in the spring of , I went to Liujiaxia during the Qingming holiday , This is the shadow of snowflakes falling on the Yellow River .

There's no nightlife in town , There are only a few simple lines left in the light ,4 There are not many tourists in the town at the beginning of the month , The street looks very cold . Ii. Floating Life

Shooting time :201804191402 Shooting equipment :Canon EOS 80D

Graph : notice “ Floating Life ” The first thing I think of is Chen Ergou in the works of the warlords in the war drama , Of course, the man who engraved these two words and imprisoned it in the iron lock of Huashan must have wanted to “ Stealing half a day's leisure ”. Rows of locks , It is closely tied to the iron lock of Huashan Mountain , But only this floating life touched me in that moment . 3 medal

Shooting time :201804210948 Shooting equipment :SM-G9200

Graph :2018 year , Fortunately, the winning rate is only 14.84% Xi'an City Wall Marathon .13.7 km , I measured the ancient city wall of Xi'an with my steps !1 Hours 15 branch , The smooth bricks of the city wall, polished by the feet, recede from the front to the back , Finally, I went back to Yongning gate from Yongning gate ! Because the theme of this city wall marathon is Han culture , So the finishing medal was designed in the shape of white marble , This is also 2018 My only long-distance run in 2008 ( Run away ). boss A spring

Shooting time :201805291005 Shooting equipment : Huawei P20

Graph : Spring on the Plateau , It's kind of slow ,“ April is the end of the world , The peach blossom in the temple is in full bloom ”, The flowers on the plateau are ready to bloom in April .

I took this picture in the process of climbing the mountain , Friends from afar ,“ There is nothing in another country , A gift of spring ”! wu flex

Shooting time :201806180917 Shooting equipment :Canon EOS 80D

Graph : I can't remember how many years , The Dragon Boat Festival is spent in other countries , I still remember the first Dragon Boat Festival in my hometown , For the first time “ Think twice about your family during the holidays ” The taste of ,2018 Dragon Boat Festival in , Just had a chance to go home .

The flower thread is usually tied after the willow shoots are hung in the early morning , Five color thread is said to drive away bad things . This is taken at the moment when my mother tied flowers for my father , May your parents be in good health , All the best . lu Silhouette

Shooting time :201807221613 Shooting equipment :Canon EOS 80D

Graph : This is a picture taken during the communication guarantee period , The workers are installing communication equipment . The sun is already West , Holding dry has been successfully hung to H On the pole , I just caught the silhouette of them glancing at me . Retailer, Barbecue

Shooting time :201807311812 Shooting equipment :Canon EOS 80D

Graph : July and August should be the most beautiful season on the grassland ,7 At the end of the month, my sister accompanied my parents to see me on the grassland , It happens to be Gannan tourism culture and Art Festival , My parents had a good time . On the third day , The family came to the back mountain of the grassland of that week to have a barbecue , There was a sudden thunderstorm in the afternoon , As soon as the rain stopped, we set up the barbecue again . Qinghai Lake

Shooting time :201809211720 Shooting equipment :HUAWEI P20

Graph : I went to Qinghai Lake during the Mid Autumn Festival , Although the grass has begun to turn yellow , The rape flower is only left with its tail , Fortunately, on the evening of Qinghai Lake , It's sunny , Let me have the honor to see the holy lake under the blue sky . Qinghai Lake View , It's like a blue ribbon painted with crayons between heaven and earth , The closer you get , The wind by the lake carries cool vapor , The whole person is penetrated by this cool , All the fatigue of the boat disappeared in this instant , Like this clear lake water , Free surging on the shore . nine Starry sky

Shooting time :201810032003 Shooting equipment :HUAWEI P20

Graph : Home night , No matter what season , As long as it's sunny, you can see stars all over the sky . I thought the plateau sky would see more and brighter stars , The fact is that even how clear the night sky is, there are only a few sparse stars . The National Day in my hometown is a little cool in the morning and evening , It was windy that night . Put the cell phone in the yard with a tripod , A few minutes later, I left the stars all over the sky at that moment in my lens .

Ten Sunset

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