Gannan 5th day (1)

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gannan , Satisfy your plateau complex , Yearning for Tibetan areas , All kinds of imagination of grassland , The exploration of the mysterious Tibetan Buddhism , The perception of life elsewhere ……2018 A trip to Gannan in the summer of , It's one of the most important things in my travel in recent years .

Starting Northwest , Stay in Lanzhou Sunshine Hotel , There happened to be one in the hotel room 《 Cangyang Gyatso's poetry biography 》, In the evening , Whether it's Tsang Yang Gyatso's life or his poems , I'm fascinated by Gannan, the Tibetan area I'm going to visit .

Gannan used to be the ancient Silk Road 、 The golden passage of Tangfan ancient road , It is also the main window of the social system of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau . gannan , It is not as well known as Tibet , But how many people “ Shambhala in the dream ”, It's a place to put faith into life .

Go deep into Tibetan areas , I'm worried about both the high level anti reflective and the unfamiliar road conditions , I ordered a carpool tour on Ctrip , It's a surprise that I ordered a Buick business car , There are only four tourists , The other two are an old couple from Shanghai , Xiao Xiang, the driver and tour guide, is a warm and honest northwest young man . It means a pleasant journey to begin .

The first day

First stop : Milarepa Pavilion

Located in Hezuo City, Anduo Tibetan district, Gansu Province

Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism ( Bai Jiao ) In Amdo Tibetan area, the most important temple , The pavilion is dedicated to the most legendary Tibetan people , Mirage pavor, known to all women and children .

The building is nine stories high , It is dedicated to the founder of various sects of Tibetan Buddhism, which is mainly composed of the worshippers of Mila RIBA Buddha and his disciples , There are many wooden Buddha statues with Vajra as the main body 、 bodhisattva 、 Dharma protector and other Buddha statues 1270 respect . All kinds of murals reflecting the content of Tibetan Buddhism are huge in scale , The technique of painting is superb , With high artistic value . There are two Mira Pavo pavilions in Tibetan areas of China . This Buddha Pavilion is one of the famous Tibetan Buddhist temples in Anduo area , The architecture is magnificent , glittering .

The Buddhist Scripture cylinder outside the Buddha Pavilion

The second stop : Guomang wetland

The only blue sky I saw on this trip , It's precious .

Flowers are blooming on the grassland , stars . Most of them are gesanghua .

Lovely marmots hiding in grass holes and playing hide and seek with us .

The third stop : Langmu temple with a heart in mind

The first trip to the northwest six years ago , The first time I heard this place name in Zhangye colorful Danxia , Later, I read about it in Xiamen Airlines magazine , Since then, Langmu temple has been deeply rooted in my heart .

Langmu temple is a small town , At the junction of Sichuan and Gansu provinces , Surrounded by grasslands 、 The woods 、 The hills 、 The Red Cliff surrounds , The environment is beautiful , Yes “ Little Switzerland in the East ” Known as the .

Langmu temple is divided into two parts , One is the temple of Langmu temple in Dacang, Sichuan , It's also called the geldi temple , Tiger's Den 、 Fairy Cave 、 The Grand Canyon of Langmu temple and the body Buddha relic are all located on this side of Langmu temple in Sichuan Province . The other is Gansu temple , It's also called saichi temple , The direction to the celestial burial platform , The two temples watch each other across the stream .

Arrive in the evening , The first one is Gandan saichi temple in Gansu Province , The building is resplendent , Each hall is topped with gold .

At dusk , Few tourists . The temple environment is good , Temples are scattered along the hillside , Beautiful shape . Although I didn't see the breathtaking beauty of the legendary red stone cliff dyed by the setting sun , The town and red stone cliff in the dusk of overcast day also have a special charm .

The monastery of saichi temple is built on the mountain , The shape is magnificent and gorgeous , The decoration is resplendent . The red and bright yellow of the outer wall , White and black windows , The color is bright and bright . The style of Tibetan Buddhist temples is gorgeous and rich here .

That evening, I was lucky to encounter a large-scale debate , Debating scriptures is one of the ways to train Buddhist monks in Gelug Sect , It's also a way of learning between monks and monks to debate Scripture and righteousness , It's usually held before sunset , A heated debate can be heard far away , From a distance, I can see the living Buddha with a high hat prowling among them , Under the curtain of the temple, there are many shadows , here , Except for us , It's the birds flying low in the sky , A quiet environment , It makes people feel more mysterious warmth and inner moving .

Come out of the temple , Walking around town , It's a weekday , Few tourists , You can slow down and hang out , The style of the shop here is outstanding , It's quite different from other places . Night falls , The cool wind is blowing , Fellow travelers are eager to find a coat to keep out the cold .

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