Lucerne | the dream of the covered bridge beside the Lake Lucerne

2020-11-19 23:00:59  作者:Travel and photography

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When we arrived in Lucerne , We are met by a moderate rain .

The sky was dark and low , The original green lucerne Lake , It's a solemn blue black .

In fact, I prefer another translation of Lucerne —— Lucerne . Crystal clear as glass 、 Colorful scenery , Mixed with the fresh smell of forest vegetation , Isn't it a vivid portrait of lucerne .

The sky was yellowish with rain . Capel bridge and octagonal water tower are covered by dense clouds , It's like the background in a film movie , It tells a story full of sadness .

This wooden corridor bridge of the civilized world , There's another beautiful name , be called “ Huaqiao ”.

The warm spring season , The long bridge will be hung with beautiful flower baskets , It's like a young girl in a bun . Unfortunately, when we saw it , It's winter .

Lake Lucerne in winter , Swans are lazy, too , Three or two are scattered on the water , Don't care about people . Water birds are lively , Over and over the sky , Break into my lens .

The buildings around the lake are in good order , Each has its own characteristics , Showing the aesthetic style of medieval Europe . The church 、 tower 、 mansion 、 Old shop …… Through the long street , The history of hundreds of years is like a flash in the air , Brush your shoulders with me .

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