Chapter three: love and death in Tibet

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Take pictures of Sichuan and Tibet . Sida Wuming Buddhist College

Tibet secret line · Chapter three of the reincarnation of life and death Love and lust

Wen figure / Listen to the snow in the north of the city After don't , Have met , Several soul dreams with you . There's a little silver left tonight , Fear of meeting is a dream .( The song dynasty · length 《 One of the three partridge days 》)

The third chapter Love and lust


I don't know how long I slept , I don't know what time , I feel vaguely that it is already bright .

There seems to be a woman sitting quietly by the window of the room , Long hair in the shawl , Floating with the wind . Behind her there was a blooming Gesang flower on the window edge , Petals light red 、 Brilliant , The flowers are graceful and graceful 、 lovingly pathetic .

I look closely , It was Xiao Wan sitting at a small table in front of the window , One hand holding his cheek, looking at me with a smile .

Xiao Wan is wearing a light and elegant color V Collar hidden skirt , Long hair separates from the middle , Braid it into small braids , In the middle of the forehead there are small pendants inlaid with turquoise , The black hair on the back of the head is not tied up , Fall over your shoulders like a waterfall .

I know this is the hair ornament of married women in northern Tibet , Is it possible that Xiaowan and Jiuge have already joined hands . I was very happy to turn over from the bed and sit up , But I didn't see nine brothers .

“ Xiaowan , Here you are , Where's brother nine ?”

“ Silly big , Silly big ……”, I can't wait for Xiao Wan to answer , He yelled out loud to the outside of the room .

“ Brother junbai , Stop yelling .” Xiao Wan got up and came over , After a pause, he said ,“ Nine elder brother didn't come , He's not in Seda .”

“ ah , He's not in Seda , Where is the , Why can't he get through ?”, Did not see nine elder brother , I'm a little anxious and angry .

“ He is in his hometown in Chengdu , In a few days , I'll go back to Chengdu with you to meet him .”

I noticed that Xiao Wan was pale , No blood color . I can't help cursing nine elder brothers , You big fool , What a big fool , A good flower , Let the care become a flower face haggard , Does Xiaowan owe you in your last life .

I just got up and wanted to pour Xiao Wan a glass of water , A stagger , I feel dizzy for the first time , Another bum on the edge of the bed .

“ You've got a cold and it's not over yet , Just sit on the bed and don't get up .”

Xiao Wan said , It's windy outside , You have a cold again , Don't make it into a high reflection , I'm not going anywhere today , Just take a good day off in the store , I'll have a good chat with you .

I think it makes sense , Xiao Wan poured me a cup of boiling water , Take the medicine , Just a word from you 、 One word from me , Slowly opened the conversation .

“ Don't you always want to know why I like nine brothers .”

“ Is ah , I'm curious .” I nodded. .

“ I'll tell you all the stories between me and nine brothers these two days , If we write our story as a novel , Do you think anyone will watch ?”

I smile and say , Someone must have seen it , When I'm free, I'll write your bloody love stories into novels , Put it on the Internet , Let those who treat love as fast food , I envy your touching love .

“ You have to write nine brother smart , Although he's not a handsome guy , I want you to write something poetic .”

Xiao Wan finished , Looking out of the window , Sink into thought , A gust of wind came , Ge SANGHUA nodded to her frequently . She seems to be waking up from a dream , She told the story of her and nine brothers .

The following chapter is what Xiaowan told me , Their love story .

Photos from the Internet , It has nothing to do with Xiaowan

Take pictures of Sichuan and Tibet . Panorama of Seda


Jiuge and Xiaowan really fell in love with each other under the wall of the altar of the Wuding Buddhist College in Sida , It was the first year of nianqingdong on foot .

Xiaowan and Jiuge have known each other for some years , Often outdoors together , Go shopping . Always like each other , Occasionally, I'll look up and down , But I didn't pierce that layer of window paper .

At the age of 8 End of month , Nine elder brother's team passes through Nian baoyuze , It was dissolved in Aba county .

Jiuge and Xiaowan both intend to go to Seda for two days , Then they went to Seda by carpooling together .

When they arrived in Seda , It's evening . There are not many inns in the county , It's almost full , At the end of the street, I found this inn named Gangrenboqi . There's a double room in the inn , The guest didn't arrive on time , The boss xiaopang let them live in it .

The same room that night , But they all sleep in a bed , It's all right . They used to live in the same room , But not alone , It's a bunch of donkey friends .

“ Tang Wan , Do you dare to sleep tonight ? or …….” Xiao Wan just dressed and lying on the bed , The nine elder brothers on the opposite side then maliciously came out a sentence .

“ What do you want? !” He responded to her fiercely , But there was a little joy in my heart , I thought this big fool was not a piece of wood .

“ I'm not Liu Xiahui .” Nine elder brother continues to frighten her .

“ you , you , you , Be honest tonight , Don't turn off the lights .” Xiao Wan suddenly realized that there was no silver here , Blushing cheeks , I'll get into the bed immediately .

Nine elder brother hears this words , For a moment , Ha ha ha , Laugh happily .

“ It's been built on the same boat for a hundred years , Thousands of years of practice make us sleep together , Do you know ?”

“ We all roomed together , At least 500 years of marriage .”

“ Tang Wan , We'll fix the remaining 500 years of marriage tonight , I'll take you home tomorrow to be a lady of the village , Good ?”

I don't know what happened that night , I'm bold , Half joking, half serious teasing Xiaowan .

“ Are you a bandit , You want me to be a lady , You bully people , Purring .” Xiao Wan hides in the quilt , Quietly open a corner of the quilt , Pretending to cry , In fact, my heart is very happy .

“ good , good , good , No sleep .” Nine elder brother don't know true or false , Don't dare to keep talking nonsense , Shut up and pretend to sleep .

This night , Neither of them slept well , All listening to each other's heavy breathing .

Take pictures of Sichuan and Tibet . Sida Wuming Buddhist College

Take pictures of Sichuan and Tibet . Sida Wuming Buddhist College


Early the next morning , Jiuge and Xiaowan arrived at Wuming Buddhist College 20 kilometers away by motorcycle .

Get out of the car , Xiaowan saw the valley , See these little red houses , Seeing this flow , Lamas and jueem who are in a hurry to attend the scripture class , I feel sad for no reason .

Xiao Wan thought of his father who died early , Lonely mother , The more you think about it, the worse you feel , He crouched down and sobbed . Nine elder brother sees Xiao Wan so , At sea , Had to squat down and hold her head gently .

Xiao Wan felt the warmth of his father in the arms of nine brothers , But cry more and more loud , The shoulder trembled with sobs .

Monks walking quietly on the road , Looking at them crying in their arms , It's not surprising at all , Maybe in their eyes , It's just two common frames ( han ) Travelers .

Nine elder brother does not know how to comfort this heart already beloved girl , This simple man only knows , If possible , He was willing to give her safety for life , I rely on .

He patted her on the back , It's like a father patting a baby , Whisper in her ear ,“ Tang Wan , Don't cry , There's a brother here .”

Xiao Wan is comforted by nine elder brothers , The mood gradually calmed down . When she realized it was in the arms of nine brothers , Push away immediately , Get up fast , Throw a back to nine elder brother , Blush with shame .

This is what they've known for years , The first time I was so close .

“ Who is crying , The dog is crying .” In fact, the tears are still hanging on the eyes .

Nine elder brother walked to , Wipe away the residual tears on Xiaowan's face with the palm of your hand . Xiao Wan is sorry to burst into tears and smile , Two turns in place ,“ I'm ok , I'm so happy from now on , Let's go , Go crazy .”

Take pictures of Sichuan and Tibet . The morning of Sida Wuming Buddhist College

Take pictures of Sichuan and Tibet . Sutra Hall of Sida Wuming Buddhist College

They started up the mountain along the avenue built in the valley .

Surrounded by mountains , Miles of valleys, tens of thousands of red cabins , It's like a nest of ants on the hillside .

When we looked around , Every house seems to be similar in color and construction , Taking the Sutra Hall of the Buddhist College as the center , Layer by layer , It's covered from the bottom of the valley to the ridge .

Lamas and jueem in crimson robes come and go , It forms a beautiful picture in harmony with the solemn and solemn Buddhist Academy . Mo Ming's Sanskrit singing starts from afar , Low 、 Zhuang Su ,、 Great , It's like a Buddha in the sky , Let the heaven and earth be shrouded in the light of Buddha .

Although before I came here , I've seen the relevant pictures , But the visual power of the scene , They are still shocked to be stunned , No wonder people who come here use 「 Sedashan river is red 」 To describe this holy land of Buddhism .

Raong wuming buddhist college , In this seemingly isolated Buddhist world , It's like a small town .

There are streets in all directions , There are all kinds of small shops . There's everything for sale in it , There are Buddhist clothes , Buddhist books , Buddhist diet , There are also tea and coffee that Buddha family can drink .

They walked slowly to the center of the holy land , Feeling faith and piety all the way , I also feel something other than Buddha , It turns out that Buddha is also a mortal , There are also seven emotions and six desires .

Jiuge and Xiaowan are laughing together , Unknowingly, I came to the mandala .

Take pictures of Sichuan and Tibet . The streets of Sida Wuming Buddhist College

Take pictures of Sichuan and Tibet . Sida Wuming Buddhist College


The Sanskrit name of mandala is “ Mandala ”, The magnificent main building has three floors , Built on the highest peak of the Buddhist Academy , The altitude here has exceeded 4000 rice .

Many rectangular planks are placed in the center of Mandala square , The crowd of believers knelt on it , Devoutly kowtow long head .

Jiuge and Xiaowan are standing on the edge of Tancheng square , Infected by the atmosphere of the scene , I can't help but walk forward , Both kneel on the board , Kowtow on the ground .

This is a place of faith , ad locum , Every time they worship , As if you can hear the deepest voice hidden in your heart . Every time I worship , Can feel the violent Qi in the body slowly dissolve and invisible , The fatigue and irritability of the journey gradually return to ease and indifference .

“ Let's go to the front porch , Brother nine .”

“ turn 108 Circle can eliminate the pain , turn 1080 Circle can pray for disaster , turn 10800 Circle can eliminate crime and protect family forever .” Xiaowan whispered to Jiuge , She knew that before she came to Seda .

“ How many turns , You can find a woman ?” Nine elder brother suddenly cut in , Say one side , One side of the bad smile to Xiao Wan .

“ Yes, there is , After turning Buddha, I will give you a mother-in-law .” Xiao Wan replied to him in a funny and angry way .

So they stepped into the corridor , Following the endless stream of people who turn around , With a devout heart , Reach out your right hand and stroke each one of the warp tubes .

The golden cylinder turns around in people's hands , After leaving a long series of crunching sound .

They go around the first and second floors , That's enough 1080 circle .

Tancheng square, devout people

The people who turn around the corridor

“ Tang Wan , Uncle can't walk , Buddha doesn't give it to my mother-in-law , I'm not turning either .” Nine elder brother stops , Deliberately gasping for breath . Although nine elder brother also wants to accompany small wan to continue to turn , But it's going to be late , I have to find a car to go back to the county . Later , I'm afraid I can only walk back .

Xiao Wan stopped , He blinked his eyes at nine elder brother ,“ The Buddha didn't give it to his aunt , Don't blame me .”

They walked out of the gallery , There is an old Lama , And then there's a little Lama . The old Lama was shaking a scripture cone in his hand , I'm talking to myself with my head down .

“ QIGA SA AI Yue ?” Old Chueh Mu came to Xiao Wan , Suddenly stop , He said to Xiao Wan , While pointing to nine elder brother . Xiao Wan was confused for a moment , Talked to old juem for a while , Then red face turned to see the next nine elder brother .

Nine elder brother spread out his hands , Spit out your tongue and make a face , I'm not aware of them .

Lao Lala finally reached out his right hand , Touch Xiao Wan's head , And mumbling away .

“ You say? , Is Seda a a place to find love ?”, They sat on the steps under the wall to rest , Xiao Wan looked at the magnificent Buddhist scripture hall at the foot of the mandala , A little sad to say .

I heard that , Nine elder brother's heart suddenly took a moment . Thinking of all these years , The day they climbed the mountain together , Time to get wet together , Watch the craziness of the sea together .

He suddenly found out , So many years in Guangzhou , It was she who accompanied him in his most depressing years with her best youth . Accompany him to see the beautiful scenery , Love rivers, lakes and seas , Go to different stalls , Eat different cheap snacks .

Although she knows that maybe Shanhai doesn't love , The sun and the moon are gone , But it's still there , No, he knows or doesn't understand , See or not see .

Think of it here. , Nine elder brother's eyes have been moist . He reached out his right hand and gently held Xiaowan's left hand , Hold your fingers tight , Hold Xiao Wan's shoulder with his left hand .

Xiao Wan didn't struggle , He put his head on the generous shoulder of nine elder brother , A little sigh , Close your eyes , Only wish this moment not to be disturbed by the noise of the world , I just hope this time is not in a dream .

“ Xiaowan , Buddha told me , Who is my wife .” This is the first time nine brothers called Xiao Wan , The deep voice pulled Xiao Wan out of his meditation .

“ Who is it ?” Xiao Wan knows why .

Nine elder brother picked up Xiao Wan's left hand , Write three words in the palm of her hand .

Xiao Wan's face is red and his ears are red , There are countless little deer in my heart , I'm so excited, I can't stop jumping . That's what she thinks about day and night , Dream of three words ah .

Now I'm suddenly speaking out in front of her , Happiness comes too suddenly , She didn't know how to deal with .

Xiao Wan took out his hand , Beat nine brother hard , I'm crying as I fight . Over the years , They've been together , But it's been so close . Years of waiting and grievances , All vent in that storm like thumping .

Nine brothers let Xiao Wan vent enough , Put your arms around her , Wipe the tears on her face with her sleeve , Heartache said to her ,“ Xiaowan , There are brothers in , You won't be wronged in the future .”

It's getting late , The evening mist covers the mountains , The ancient bell of the middle of the Mountain Buddhist College suddenly rings , Start a bunch of vultures , Hovering in the sky .

Nine elder brother leads small Wan's hand tightly to drive slowly , Finally took the last bus to the county . On the bus , Nine elder brother has been asking Xiao Wan , What does the first word the old Lama said to her mean , And then we talked about something .

Xiao Wan looked at him with a smile , But I'm sorry to tell him .

The first words of the old Lama , It's actually asking if they're lovers , And he said , The Buddha will bless you to be lovers in the next life . Finally, he was crazy and told them to go back to the south , Never come here .

Xiaowan and Jiuge are discussing the next day's journey in the car , I haven't been to the county yet , She can't wait to see the celestial burial in siduolin tomorrow . How many secrets does one need to hide in order to spend his life skillfully? This glittering plateau of Buddhism is heaven in three steps and two steps, but there are still so many people who can't move because of their heavy mind ( Cangyangjiacuo 《 A person 》)

Take pictures of Sichuan and Tibet . Sida Wuming Buddhist College

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