Master these ins wind photography skills, your travel photos will be popular with friends in minutes!

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How to win in many travel photos in the circle of friends ,

I sorted out ins The hottest way to take photos ,

Let's study together !

Travel Photos ,

Take pictures like this , Brush the circle of friends in minutes !

The way the back image is taken is ins The most common way to see . This choice not only effectively avoids the lens embarrassment , And often will take very artistic conception .

Of course, don't just stand silly , You can also hold your hat and lift the skirt , You can also slightly lean on it , If you add some local elements , Back photos can also play a lot of tricks !

The most important thing about traveling is to leave the scenery in the picture , Sometimes your existence is just a memorial , This composition of the big scene of a small man is simply not very good , Inadvertently forced the grid to rise one level.

therefore , Don't always stick to your own shooting bright , But trying to integrate yourself into the environment , Take yourself as part of the beauty , The photos are naturally beautiful !

Put the subject you want to take in the middle of the picture , All the angles are focused on this central object , It's the central composition. That's right . But what you should pay attention to is , Don't be too fancy in the scenery next to you , Single color can make you the most dazzling existence !

It should be noted that , Don't take up too much of the picture , There is usually a half to one-third gap on the edge , Otherwise, the subject is too prominent , It gives people a sense of oppression , Also less travel feeling .

Square photos are also ins One of the characteristics of wind photos , It's also my favorite way , Friends with crazy cell phones , You can choose the square directly , The pictures taken in this way are more artistic , With a less exaggerated filter, the effect will be better .

At the end of the day , A comfortable photo is about composition . A large area of blank space , It can give people a sense of cleanliness or vastness . It is also a simple skill to keep the picture simple and prominent .

The view of everything in the world is high , The top of nature , The top floor of the sightseeing elevator in the city , All good choices . You can photograph blue sea and blue sky , You can also take pictures of the traffic at night , The light was shining .

This should be one of the most favorite series of eaters , You're not taking pictures , It must be to eat , Don't think I don't know !

Want your own travel photos to be more eye-catching , You can think of a signature action , The most typical case is the famous follow me to Series .

Couples travel together , In the following way , It's in minutes , Farewell to the big picture of the two , Let's show love in the circle of friends !

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