Life is lonely, find a hobby that can stick to the old!

2020-11-19 23:00:55  作者:Travel and photography

It's like I fell in love with photography since I used my first mobile phone . Especially like to take pictures of scenery still life , Every photograph is a creation of art , Every time I get a satisfactory effect , It feels like a piece of art has been completed successfully .

In fact, photography can improve people's aesthetic level , From composition to color blending , People with different personalities often have different styles of photos .

When in a bad mood , I like to go outdoors and take pictures of scenery , Don't try to , Shoot at will , gradual , Restless heart also slowly calm down .

Romantic flower sea is the most suitable place for emotion

Don't envy others , It is a unique branch

Romantic European town , Wedding photography paradise

Colorful bottles , They all pretend to be dreaming

Harbin's fairy tale world of ice and snow

After the new rain , It's late autumn

Rural village , Simple and natural

Blue sky and green trees , Daiwa white wall

Facing the ocean , Spring flowers

Spring Festival to , On the branches of the lantern

Throughout the year , The moon opens

Making snowmen is the greatest fun in winter

Lakes, mountains, flowers in the water

Life is the blossom of a tree

Tao yao yao , Beating its China

Autumn comes to

There are always flowers in bloom , Amazing time, warm years

Cherry can startles March , Li Xia is as soft as

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