[mobile phone photography tips] add color to your black and white.

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Yesterday I sent out a group of 【 black · white 】 Appreciation of photos

At the end, there are a few black-and-white films with a bit of color

Like this


In this way


In this way


It's a large range of black and white interspersed with a little color

Make the picture more interesting and feel

So there are some friends in the background to leave me a message for the tutorial

It's very simple

I'm sure you'll see

On teach cheng !

In fact, this function should be implemented by a lot of software , But I still use snapseed, Because it's my common software , It's quite convenient .

Import the picture .

( notes : The image used in the demo is from the Internet , Like its composition and color , It used to be in the cell phone , I saw , I think its color is very suitable for today , Let's demonstrate it ).

snapseed There's a black and white movie in the filter , What we've added is this filter , There are more black and white effects inside , Just choose what you like .

The intensity of the added black and white filter is adjustable , There's no fixed value for these , Free play ~

First of all, click on the right corner of the number .

Then choose the black and white movie step , There will be a small menu , Click on the one in the middle that looks like a mask .

The mask will cover the whole picture , then , We can choose the part that we want to turn into color , Just apply it with your hand .

Just like this. , Paint out the parts you want to be colored . Ah , It's that simple

( notes : There is no size adjustment in this step of painting , But the screen can be resized , In some nuances, you can enlarge the picture and adjust it .)

And then we're done ! It's basically sauce ~ It's not very technical ~


Last , You can add something more to embellish

Of course, it doesn't add or affect ~

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