How do ordinary people use their mobile phones to shoot big movies?

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Photography , It's not about the quality of the equipment you have , It's about how the world you see expresses . You don't have to have a SLR to make a good picture , Mobile phones are used every day in people's daily life , Just shoot with your heart , You can also produce good works . Let's share with you the background of this group of photos :2014 year 5 month , I set foot on the train to Dunhuang from Tianjin , Started my graduation trip . The reason why I chose Dunhuang , One is because I am from Yunnan , Never seen a vast desert before ; Second, I want to feel the magnificent Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang , To feel the Silk Road in those days .

2014 year , I'm just a student , No professional guidance , It's not a professional photographer either , There's no full frame camera , With a passion for photography , I recorded my graduation trip with my mobile phone . later , I posted it online , I've got some compliments and comments from netizens , It's also forwarded by different travel microblogs , There are also friends who say that photos can be used as mobile phone screen savers , How to shoot this group of photos with friends . The mobile phone photo post that was updated on the bamboo slips last time , Some friends asked me how to take pictures with my mobile phone ? I decided to write a dry article to share with you , Hopefully that helped . So here comes the question , How to use the mobile phone to shoot a large piece of instant visual sense ?

1、 Learn to compose The usual composition of photography : There are three parts ( Well grid composition )、 The golden section 、 Diagonal method 、 Triangle method 、S Shape method 、 Spiral curve composition . In my group of photos , Most of them are “s Form composition ” and “ Three part composition ”, Today, I also talk about how to take pictures . If you want to know more about other composition methods , Later, I will write a special article to explain .

S Type composition The scenery on the screen shows S The composition form of shape curve , With prolongation 、 The characteristics of change , Make people look rhythmic , Produce beauty 、 elegant 、 The feeling of coordination . When the object needs to be represented in the form of a curve , You should first think of using S Shape composition . Often used in rivers 、 The stream 、 winding path 、 Path, etc . Three part composition Divide the picture left and right or up and down in proportion 2:1 The two part , Form a left-right or up and down echo , The performance space is relatively wide . Part of the picture is the subject , The other half is a companion . Often used to represent characters 、 motion 、 scenery 、 Architecture, etc . The two pictures above are from the Internet , For the convenience of explaining composition , I made a simple case , If you know the original author, please contact me , I'll sign . Next, I use my own mobile phone photos to share with you ,S The application of the method of "type composition" and "three part composition" . In this picture of mine , Application S Type composition , It's just a way up the desert , And the trisection cuts the whole picture , It is just fine . Plus, at the bottom of the picture, there's a part of the desert in the foreground ( Use the foreground to compose the picture ), Coordinate the whole picture . If you're a photographer , It's easy to see which methods are used in my photos . Beginners don't have to worry about , Accumulate over a long period , You'll learn more about it .

2、 Learn to use up Photography , It's an art of using light , Um. , Run out of money ( To make fun of ). With the light , The whole picture becomes bright . The use of light is the most wonderful part , It's also what many masters at home and abroad are good at . As shown in the figure below , The light that humans can see is only a very short band in the picture . We call this light “ Visible light ”, In addition to that, there is light that humans can't see , We can only feel them in other ways . According to the camera 、 The orientation of the object and the light source is different , Capture the subject from any side . When the main light source is strong ( Like bright sunshine ), From the perspective of shooting , Projection on different parts of the subject produces different effects , Basically, it can be divided into 5 Types : Toplight 、 Front light 、 Side light 、 Backlight .(▲ Replace the camera with a mobile phone , It's not just portrait photography that can be used )

If novice Xiaobai can't understand it , Practice taking pictures from different angles under the light source , Shoot the same object , Practice a few times, you can obviously see that the effect of different directions of light is different . Masters who use light well , Although the works are of different styles , But you can see that the overall picture is very clear , And the color matching is great . Black and white works are the easiest to show the ability to use light , I don't want to start here .3、 Get up early , Avoid the crowds of tourists If you have a partner, you will ask :“ You went to Dunhuang during your graduation season , Why are there no tourists in the photos ?” Because I got up early , In order to get the picture you want, prepare in advance . I was the first group of tourists to enter Mingsha mountain that day , I waited at the door before dawn , It was also one of the few first climbers to mount Mingsha that morning . No matter where you travel , To get a satisfying picture , Try to get up early and avoid the crowd . Getting up early has two advantages : One is that no one interferes with the picture , Second, you can wait for the best light to appear . You need to be prepared for getting up early : Clothes for the cold 、 Sunscreen hat . Because of the great temperature difference between day and night in Dunhuang , It's summer, but it's cool , And it's hot after sunrise , You need to be prepared for sunscreen . After playing for seven days in Gansu Province , Go back to a new height . Even if I get sunburnt, I can't stop my enthusiasm for getting up early , It's all worth it !4、 Your thinking Take a picture , Just press the shutter 0.1 second , But for this 0.1 second , You may spend 60 Minutes or more to prepare . Design the desired effect 、 How to achieve the desired effect 、 Search strategy 、 To the destination to find the right camera …… I'm willing to take the time to wait , Also willing to take the trouble to shoot until satisfied , After shooting, I will reflect on what I haven't done well . When I keep practicing and thinking , I know that I will be able to take photos of myself . Sometimes it takes a little bit of time, place and people , The day after I left Dunhuang , It's raining here , Many people want to take pictures of sunrise in Sand Mountain, but none of them can .5、 A little later I personally think photography depends on 8 In the early stage /2 Later Of , We can't rely too much on the later stage in order to pursue the effect of blockbuster , I lost myself . There's a little bit of late in my picture , It's to make up for the deficiency in the early stage . Wait until dawn , There's still not enough light , So through the later stage of making up , Increased the saturation of the photo . The blue sky 、 The white clouds are all the same day , There is no post put it P Up , The sky scattered by light ( That's right. I specifically checked for scattering ), The colors are different at different times . If the early stage did not shoot a strong aesthetic picture , It doesn't look real what to do later . Personal advice , Or try to learn composition and light first , Learn later , Don't go after 、 Rely on the later stage .

The phone I used later app:VSCOcam、Snapseed、Instagram、 Butter camera ( After my own test and the photography around me V Our word of mouth , It is recommended to use ) The cell phone used to take these pictures :iPhone 5c. Or that sentence , It's not about the equipment , Even if you don't use an Apple phone, you can shoot , It's just a cell phone I bought with my own money , There is no need to dispute .6、 The original intention of photography I first fell in love with photography because I wanted to record the good things in my life , I didn't want to get more awards and honors through it . At first, I learned photography without any utilitarian heart , After class, when you have time, go to the library to look at photography books and magazines , Keep trying to practice , Little by little . Remain true to our original aspiration , Party must always . Whether it's me or those around me, from small transparent to big V Our photographer friend , We all think : The way to learn photography , There is no shortcut , Only love and practice , To get better and better .

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