What have I gained from 100 days of mobile photography?

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At this time last year , I set a goal for myself :100 I insist on taking pictures with my mobile phone , Every day , Continuous . The day of shooting , Never accumulate . My initial idea was to go to work every day 、 It's monotonous and boring to repeat the same life after work , I want to spice up my life . If you go to work with a SLR every day, it will be more heavy to take photos , It's not very practical , at work 、 You can meet different scenery on the way to work , Why don't you record what you like ?

So I made a plan for myself , And then start implementing . For the smooth completion of , I used the punch card method : Punch in the circle of friends & Microblog punch in , Also can let the person around him urge oneself . as everyone knows , Now the mobile phone on and after APP quite a lot , But if you use it too much, you will be confused , During this period, I try to avoid too much post photography in my mobile phone , Because the focus is “ Tell a story ” This process . I use it 【 message 】 This app, You can add simple filters 、 written words 、 And the date of the photograph , It's also convenient for me to punch in . At first you saw my 100 I was a little surprised when I planned , After all, it's better than 21 It's hard to form a habit , Besides, you can't accumulate photos , Every day I have to spend some time on this .

My net name is Yingke time , When I signed, I used my online name , These works have been published on other websites .

Later, with the daily clock in , What you can see is that I'm constantly trying to 、 progress , Also captured a lot of fleeting pictures . Take a few pictures every day , And then choose the most satisfying one , And then leave it blank app Do a simple post . I'll take pictures every day , To write the corresponding text , Whether it's photography or writing , It's all a way to express yourself .

Photography has nothing to do with equipment , Through photography , To express the world you see 、 Express your emotions , Feel another wonderful world in the camera .

Every day mobile phone photography , It's a happy thing for me , Besides work, I have a life , And the good things in life 、 Interesting little bit , It's a pleasure for me to be able to record it . Of course , Here 100 I have also harvested many useful things in the day :

It's not hard to stick to it , When you have a clear goal and break it down in detail , What you feel is no longer out of reach , But step by step . Even if you are busy every day , You can take time to take pictures with your mobile phone , At first, I forced myself to take pictures every day, and then I got used to it . On the last day, even a little reluctant to pause , After all, I have formed a habit , Even if it's over 100 Mobile phone photography , Until now, I use my mobile phone to take pictures every day , At the same time, it can also let me be alone , It's a pleasure .

(▲ Mobile phone macro photography )

On 、 Traffic jams on the way to work no longer upset , You can take pictures of traffic jams and make a wonderful curve ; I don't feel depressed in rainy days , You can take pictures of the rain on the window, blurred vision …… Every scene has a picture to capture , It also makes me think more . Not as it used to be , Because of the external factors affecting their emotions , When the water is still, it is clear , A quiet man makes a soul .

A lot of novices start photography , I always think the later stage is very important , However, a good photo is more of the efforts made in the early stage . Composition 、 color 、 Using light 、 Is there a story , All determine the quality of a picture , If you spend a lot of time in the early stage , So there's no need for much modification later , Just make up for the deficiency . Don't rely too much on cell phones app Fix the picture , And don't over embellish the photo to cause distortion .

Art comes from life , real 、 Clean images are important .

Take time to practice mobile photography every day ,21 Make a habit of ,100 When you look back, you'll see the pictures you've taken , I found that I was making progress every day . Someone complained to me about not having time to take pictures , But the truth is, just spend it every day 5 Minutes on a mobile phone , No time is the biggest lie . I enjoyed this fun time , Photos record life , Words express emotions . How to constantly improve their photography level ? The simplest and most convenient way : Practice more .

A picture looks good , There are no specific criteria , But a picture doesn't look good , People's eyes are bright , I can't tell you what's wrong , But I just feel bad . I used to be the latter , I can't tell you what's wrong , But now I look at the pictures , Be able to judge which composition methods are used in the photos , How does the color match , What is the style of ……

Photography , Let me learn the aesthetic angle constantly changing , Also let me learn to accept the style of different factions , Not necessarily like , But accept their existence .

From the beginning, only I had my own clock in update , Later, my actions affected my friends , Join me in my plans , Act together . Some of them are starting to 100 Sky photography project , Some have begun 100 Day writing plan , And the beginning of 100 Day reading plan ……

The impact of action , Far more powerful than you think . See that your actions are affecting the people around you , I'm very happy . And their actions are affecting the people around them , Gradually, more powerful forces will be formed , you 're right , You're not fighting alone .

If you're done with my share , I want to do something interesting , Be sure to practice . Don't worry about 100 It's too long , A task that can be accomplished by taking a little time every day , Just break it down , Believe in yourself , come on. !

attach :100 Part of the work in mobile phone photography , Thank you for your support .

Let me show you the world through my eyes.

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