How to make a less tourist photo?

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Taking pictures , As “ People meet by friends ” The most basic skills of the times , The minimum requirement for the model to be able to draw scissors hands no longer is put forward , To the photographer , Then the minimum standard of the effect of big leg is put forward .

For a boy , If you don't know how to make my sister perfect in the circle of friends Photography Contest , To be honest , I am deeply worried about your fate .

Speak true , I'm not a big photographer either , But every time you go out and play with the help of the people who ask for help in taking a picture , I put it in front of the camera no matter how hard I try pose, All lost to passersby A's photography level .

When I took the camera, my mood was aunt sauce :

So today, I will talk about the most basic 、 The most simple 、 You can also shoot with your mobile phone 、 What everyone can control : silly melon pat mirror Law .

This article mainly aims at human figures photography , It's divided into two parts , One is the misunderstanding in taking photos , Second, how to take photos that are less tourists .

Mistake 1 : There is no focus in the photo

Take this net picture for example . Let's analyze .

Who is this picture going to take ?

I took the picture , First of all, it was the green bus , Then there are three white buses in the back . I want to take butterfly spring Memorial , The mountain with clouds behind , Still want to shoot people , Want to shoot a pole held by someone ?

The whole picture , There are too many things in the mess , Lack of neatness , No focus . Give a bad comment . Mistake 2 : Cut in the wrong place

For example, the picture below .( Um. , Is my )

In theory , This is a good shot . Using the right background to set off , The posture is also very cute .

But it should not be cut off from the wrist .

When taking portraits , For some parts of the body , Or shoot it all , Or not , But don't shoot half of it .

You just need to remember a law of steel , Don't cut it off from your joints !

It's not just about people , It's the same with scenery , Or not , Or shoot it all , Don't be like this one below , Half of the words above , There's a blank in the ground below , It's uncomfortable to watch . Mistake 3 : No composition

The above picture was taken by passers-by when my mother and I went out to play at the weekend .

The biggest failure of this photo is not half of gubeishui town , The biggest failure is not to compose . There's too much space left below , And the whole picture is very strange .

When it comes to composition , Only need to master the simplest composition of the three and the middle of the composition , Basically, you can walk around the world .

The diagram of the composition of the three parts is as follows , That is to put the character at the intersection of the three lines . Although it is said that the three-part composition is very popular , But I personally feel more suitable for Take pictures of scenery and Horizontal shooting 、 The characters are small

For portrait , The middle composition is also very practical . I don't know if there is such a way , I made it up . Especially taking a full body picture , Vertical photography , Or shooting for the sake of highlighting people , Or when you take pictures of squares that are popular today .

Like the following .

Whether it's a three-way or a middle shot , One more thing to note , Don't leave too much space at the bottom of the picture !!!

Or simply remember : The character wants to land !!!

Think about it first , What is the biggest characteristic of tourists ?

I went for a walk in the bird's nest last night , At seven or eight o'clock, there are still many tourists , The hustle and bustle , See a lot of little girls in the crowd difficult to lift the selfie pole 、 Compared to scissors , Ignore the eyes of those around you , Selfie in the dark , I looked at her and thought , There's no light in the face , It shouldn't be too good to shoot , I'm afraid the only way to fix it is with powerful software .

Far away , I mean, the biggest characteristic of tourists is that they have a group of people around them , The background is an obvious tourist attraction , Then you draw a pose to swim here in front of the camera .

It can also be said that , Tourists who have come all the way to the scenic spots for sightseeing , It's a group of people who have a sense of distance from the scene , How to break this sense of distance 、 Blend with the scenery Interaction as a whole It's the crux of the problem .

Let's solve these problems one by one ! Be sure to avoid the crowd

When I go to the scenic spot to take pictures , The most taboo is to shoot a black crowd , Although it's Chinese, it's true , But we try to avoid strangers coming into your camera . Unless you're taking pictures of people in the scenic area .

No matter how many people around you step on your feet , No matter how many people outside the camera have nothing to do with you , The camera is to hide your noisy environment , To create a kind of “ I've got this scenic spot ” The domineering .

For example, the photos of aunt sauce must be avoided . Look for small scenes instead of big ones

Taking pictures with magnificent buildings as the background is easy to be reduced to tourist photos .

Like the following me . It's a tourist .

It's just a memorial , It's not a good picture .

So if you want to go out and photograph buildings , It's better to just shoot the scenery , Instead of photographing people .

One thing to avoid becoming a tourist photo is to choose a small scene as the background , Like a door and window , A chair , A little flower , A little tree , A fallen leaf and other small and beautiful scenery , It will make the viewer can't even guess where you shot it , It's easy to feel aesthetically .

Like the following , The use of a three-way composition , In the background of a Parthenocissus , The side beauty of the character is photographed , It's a master's work . Interact with the scenery

The easiest thing about interaction is that you gaze at the landscape , Instead of staring at the camera . If the smile is not sweet enough , The expression is not strong enough , Staring at the camera is very easy to become dull .

Take the picture of my goddess as an example , Just looking down at the track , Let the picture have some artistic conception .

Interact with the landscape , There are many ways . Like the following , Gently open a door .( Is my !)

Like this . Pick up some drops of water .( It's me, too !)

however , What's higher is that I've seen a lot of amazing dancers shooting , In the scenic spots to make a variety of aesthetic dance movements .

For example, the following pictures , From two dancing sisters . It's amazing .

The pose is the key

Speaking of this , Did you find out ? Although the photographer's photography skills are very important , But the above pictures are beautiful cry Photos of the , The model's superb pose is the most important thing .

When it comes to taking pictures , Maybe a few days and nights can't be finished . Let's pick the simplest .

I saw a picture on Zhihu pose The combination diagram is quite interesting ,

Standing + expression + action = Yours pose.

Standing = positive + The side + Back + Sit with your legs bent + Sit cross legged

expression = Laugh or not ?

action = Hold on to your hat 、 Hold on to your glasses , Brush your hair , Supporting cheek , Face upwards long , Look down and think , Pretend to walk , Running , jumping , Looking far away , With props .

To sum up , It can be divided into several categories : Your back , Your profile , Your face , And look back and smile .

It's no use saying more , Let's have a look at some beautiful photos !

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