Enjoy the beauty of autumn leaves

2020-11-19 23:00:48  作者:IPhone photography

Originally, the pictures in today's private collection should be put in autumn . But it's still a long way from the next autumn , Mushroom can't wait to share it with you …… therefore …… How about watching the fallen leaves with me in spring ?

When autumn is deep , The leaves in the yard are all yellow . Especially the iconic maple leaf , It is even more brilliant and beautiful .

Willow leaves “ The body ” It's like a needle to the ground , But they all ended in failure , You realize , Winter is coming .

Even the blue sky and white clouds are a little bleak . A few persimmons on the branches are crumbling , Just wait for the arrival of a north wind .

But I like the sunshine in autumn , Transparent and clear , Sprinkle it dry on every dry leaf . The leaves try to show their final colors against the sun .“ Death should be as beautiful as autumn leaves ” this sentence , What I seem to get is a paradox .

Next, let's enjoy a group :

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