How to shoot on iPhone

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. :We believe that everyone can take great photos.Here are some tips and techniques to help you take even better ones — and enjoy them — with your iPhone.

Words are very basic , So learn it sooner or later ~ And the hard words are marked with , So there is no pressure in primary school English .

How to Shoot During Golden Hour on iPhone 7

  1. Arrive before sunset
  2. Use the sun to front-light your subject

3. Tap and slide to lower exposure

Maybe I'll be like you ( I, NIMA, can do the same The sun can slide when pressed )

How to shoot a one-handed selfie

  1. From lock screen, swipe left to quickly open camera
  2. Switch to front-facing camera
  3. Press either volume button to shoot( You can shoot with the volume button )

How to Edit a Selfie( Selfie ) on Your iPhone 7

1.switch to front-facing camera

  1. Crop to create a better composition( Combine )
  2. Tap the auto-enhance( Auto enhance ) tool
  3. Share

How to shoot a sunset( Sunset ) silhouette([,sɪlu'ɛt] outline )

  1. Place subject in front of sun
  2. Touch and hold to lock focus
  3. Slide to lower exposure( This is actually the same as the one above Virgo is sad )

How to capture an intimate( Intimate ) moment

  1. From lock screen, swipe left to quickly open camera( And again !)
  2. Be stealthy( Furtive ), mute your phone

( Neon people are crying ( Japan's iPhone Forcing pictures to make the most noise , In response to hentai….))

  1. Touch and hold

to scroll and zoom (iPhone 6 It means crying ! But this one is clever )

  1. Tap to focus and slide to expose( Exposure ) Same

How to shoot a group portrait ( Group photo )

  1. Switch to Portrait mode
  2. Look for the boxes
  3. Wait until they turn yellow, shoot ( I said the most difficult thing is to find friends ...)

How to shoot a backlit(n. The back is polished ; Backlit ) subject

  1. Turn on HDR( High dynamic range (High Dynamic Range)) for better highlights and shadows
  2. Touch and hold to lock focus
  3. Slide to lower exposure( ditto ...)
  4. Shoot it

How to shoot a great portrait

  1. Switch to portrait mode
  2. Look for depth effect( I'll explain what it means here

As you can see, the people behind me are quite clear

The people in the back are blurring , This effect bright , In other words, the depth of field ) Shoot it

How to play Memories

  1. Open the photo apps
  2. Go to the memories tab
  3. Choose a memory and play ( I said that Chinese people's IQ is much higher than you Americans )

How to customize Memories

  1. Tap memories tab and hit play
  2. Tap to browse moods( emotional )

How to shoot a close-up

  1. Get close and closer(10cm)
  2. Tap to focus and slide to expose( It's rotten )
  3. shoot

How to shoot a vertical Pano( vertical panorama )

  1. Begin with camera in landscape
  2. Switch to pano mode
  3. Start from the bottom pan slow and steady

How to share Memories

  1. Tap memory in photo hit play
  2. Tap “share” ( Another one with no IQ ...)

How to shoot without a flash

  1. Allow me to be lazy ... You can turn on and off the flash on the top left of the photo ~

How to shoot action

  1. This is very simple Just hold down the Photo button , He's going to keep shooting , So you can choose your favorite action ~~~

How to shoot a selfie with the timer

  1. Switch to front-facing camera
  2. Steady your iPhone
  3. Set the timer


How to convert to black & white

  1. Create contrast( contrast ) between subject & background shoot
  2. Choose filter( Filter )
  3. Play with light levels ( Adjust the brightness )

How to capture a unique angle

  1. Choose. Tilt.( Flip ) Look up. Get low. Keep experimenting. Summary is a sentence , A few blind tricks , Find a strange gentleman's angle .
  2. How to shoot with zoom (7P)
  3. 7P Yes 2 In this way One is to point

This button , Or you can stop him dragging

That's basically what it means

How to shoot a horizon

  1. Turn on grid in settings( This is in the photo and camera in the settings , I remember that I used to tune it out when I was shooting ...)
  2. Turn on HDR( High dynamic range (High Dynamic Range)) for better highlights and shadows( repeat !)
  3. Frame the horizon( Horizon ; View ; Horizons ; Range ) along the grid lines

How to shoot stills while filming

  1. The secret of this is that when you're shooting a video , You can still press the Photo button , You try it !!! Isn't that amazing !!

How to shoot with street light

  1. Turn off the flash
  2. Touch and hold to lock focus
  3. Find the right exposure

n All over , I admit that you designed this day , Amazing , You can drag , But is it necessary ....

How to shoot a bold and simple image

  1. Find colors that create contrast

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