How to use the mobile phone to take a provocative food photo?

2020-11-19 23:00:42  作者:Photography

Many people like to take pictures of food before eating out , After all, the social networking era , If you haven't taken a picture, this meal is a free meal .

Most of them are just mobile phones , In fact, the camera function of modern smart phones is powerful enough , Most mobile phones have been able to cope with the daily needs of shooting . Sometimes what we need may not be better equipment , It's about knowing how to shoot .

image via web with CC credit

image via web with CC credit

No matter what equipment is used to take pictures , Light is an extremely important part . Eating out , It's impossible to pay attention to lighting , In that case , Just use natural light , The advantage of natural light is that it can make our food photos look fresh . Artificial lighting is due to the different color temperature of the light source itself , It's easy to produce color deviation , But the light is not uniform , It also makes our photos look hard and flat . In particular, the subject of food photography needs to be as fresh and natural as possible to attract people , That's why the quality of light is so important . Based on this , Professional food photographers use large, expensive studio lights to set the lights to mimic daylight .

If the sun is not too strong , We can put a plate of food by the window and try to shoot out , Maybe the sunlight will make our picture produce strong shadow , But don't worry , You can solve this problem with reflectors . Reflectors don't always come with you , Actually, one of them A4 paper , A book with a white cover, even a notebook , Can replace the reflector to complete the diffuse reflection work .

Even a camera , In the face of sunlight, exposure may not be accurate , Not to mention cell phones , The camera can be adjusted Ev, Cell phones can also , With iPhone For example , The easiest way is to press and hold the screen after focusing , When a sun icon appears on the screen , We can slide the screen up and down to adjust the exposure accordingly .

image via web with CC credit

image via web with CC credit

One of the most common mistakes you make when shooting food with your mobile phone is choosing the wrong angle , Most smartphones have an equivalent focal length 28mm Wide angle , Because of the wide angle , It's easy to get more backgrounds into the picture , This leads to some disturbing elements in the picture . For better results , You can shoot the subject directly from the top down .

The top-down angle is a safe shot , It can fully record the subject , Even some auxiliary elements on the table , It's like tableware , Small decorations , Even your hands , And for Chinese food, it's easy to show the whole food in an all-round way . But for some stacked food , This method doesn't work , It's like a hamburger , From top to bottom, you can only take a piece of bread . When you shoot burgers or lasagna, you can take it from the side , To record all levels of food , But be careful to clear the background of the interference , The actual focal length of the phone is too short , It's hard to get a shallow depth of field , Background interference will be very clear in the screen .

image via web with CC credit

image via web with CC credit

When you shoot food , Try to choose neutral background color , Because food is the main character of the whole picture , Any element in the image exists to support it , The background is too eye-catching , Will greatly reduce the attraction of food in the picture .

In the same way , The tableware should be as simple as possible , Too fancy tableware can also distract people's attention from food , Unless you're very confident in your food , I think this dish is enough to shine .

stay ins Search on /#foodphotography You can see a lot of pictures of food , A lot of them are beautiful , It can be used as a reference for daily shooting , But some are too messy , Put too many useful and useless things in the picture , Make the environment look chaotic , There may be people who really like this style , But it's not like eating everyday at all . No matter what , Just choose the style you like , Each style has its own significance .

In composition , We don't have to put food in the middle of the picture , It can be in the corner , And then put some small elements in relative positions , It could be tableware , It could be raw ingredients , Maybe a tablecloth to balance the weight of the whole picture , It also makes the food that occupies a large area of the picture more prominent . The use of complementary colors is also an important factor in composition , For example, we make green vegetables like vegetables , Then our auxiliary elements should try to choose red , If we make purple fruits and vegetables like blueberries , Then the auxiliary element is orange 、 Red or green to go with . Complementary colors require a strong contrast in the picture , It also makes the subject more obvious .