Notes on mobile phone photography (2)

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The story of light

If you compare a photographer to a painter , The camera is the painter's “ paint brush ”, and “ The light ” Namely “ paint ”, therefore , Photography is also known as “ The art of light ”.

In the world of black and white , We can still feel the layers and the three dimensions of objects , This is mainly due to the contrast between light and shadow .

in other words , Although the light source 、 The light 、 All the changes of light , But the essence of light and shadow is actually the contrast between light and shade .

There are many forms of light and shade contrast , There are four common and easy to use contrasts of light and shade :

One 、 The contrast between subject and environment

First of all, enjoy a set of photos :

The common feature of these two photos is that : It gives people a sense of stage , The characters in the picture are , It's illuminated by the spotlights on the stage .

It's just between the subject and the environment , A strong contrast between light and dark .

This photo shows that the characters are bright and the environment is dim

Here you can see that there are two bright lights on the left and right of the picture , And there's a little dome over the crowd . These three points , It brings this group of people together in one area .

We saw these people in business all at once , Full of life flavor , But there are some “ Stage performance ” The smell of .

Two 、 Backlight silhouette

Taking silhouettes against light is also a common contrast between light and shade

In the typical backlight moment of sunrise and sunset , The best way is to take a silhouette of a character .

Good light is not just the sun and the sun , As long as there is a strong contrast between light and dark , You can take a silhouette against the light .

The following one is a combination of frame and blank , The completely dark part on the right gives us endless associations .

Except for this natural frame , You can also use the curtains of the resort by yourself , To create frames .

And the aquarium , You can often find scenes like this .

3、 ... and 、 Look for a geometric contrast of light and shade

We never lack geometric elements in our lives , road 、 Tall building 、 Plaid Shirt 、 cigarette case ...... In fact, there are some interesting geometric figures in light and shadow :

The light and shadow levels of this picture are clear , The shadow cuts the picture into two triangles, one bright and one dark .

And people just landed in the light of the intersection of light and dark , It's easy for the viewer to see him .

The photographer deliberately captures the regular geometry formed by light and shadow ; And put irregular people in it , Make the picture more vivid , This is a balance .

The next one is also :

There is no place like this in our lives ? Why is this building and light and shadow this shape ? How could we have taken such a picture ?

We're not looking for a particular building or environment , But with geometry 、 Light and shadow 、 The consciousness of color blocks to discover and create .

When we're looking at the pictures , It's up to us to see what the overall geometry looks like , How light and shadow divide the picture .

When you're looking at the environment and taking pictures , You should also forget all the details in front of you , Focus on the projection of light and shadow .

therefore :

Enjoy a group of :

In this group of photos, there are large pieces of light and shadow 、 Geometric shading , It's a perfect combination of mathematics and art .

Four 、 The magic of light and shadow

If the first three methods are the standard answers in the exam , So this fourth method should be regarded as an open-ended question . Because we can also create a sense of creativity in light and shadow .

For example, the most common in life —— Take a shadow , Take a look at this one below .

You can try spinning the phone to see the photos , Have you found it? ?

The shadow and the real are 180 Degrees of rotation !

The photographer projects the shadow slightly into the light , Let the original dark 、 The shadow, which is not paid attention to, becomes the subject of foil . This ingenious shooting method will attract people's attention , So that the picture gets a new perspective and interest .

In the same way :

Here's a reminder , You can try to create a shadow monster feeling in this way when you take pictures of pets .

We can also use light and shadow to make picture frames , But it takes patience and waiting .

good , Now to summarize

Color one by one, color contrast

The world is rich and colorful , It's largely because of the color , If all the flowers are one color 、 Women's clothes don't tell colors 、 Food is not attractive and rich in color ...... It's going to be a dark world . Although there are countless variations and layers of color , But we're only going to talk about two forms of obvious color contrast :

One 、 The whole big color block

Take a look at a group of photos and feel :

Although it's eye-catching color , It's not offensive , On the contrary, it gives people a sense of beauty ~ This is because :

  1. The colors here are big , It's like geometry , Very regular , There is a sense of wholeness and order 2. The color here is pure , It's very bright , It's even , It makes people feel even and tidy visually 3. There are very few elements in the picture , Simple and clear .

in fact , A series of masterpieces by Mondrian, a famous Dutch stylist —— Check painting , It also gives people such a sense of beauty .

Or that sentence , To see the world with a sense of color and Geometry , You'll find a lot of different things .

Two 、 Jump out of the little dots of the environment

What I just emphasized is the overall sense of color contrast , Now let's talk about another contrast : Jump out of the small color dots of the big environment .

This group of photos are all in a large similar tone , Out of a strong sense of contrast color dots or small pieces , It gives people a strong sense of visual impact , And minimalist beauty .

This actually implies a contrast between warm and cold colors . Nature is generally blue 、 Green, this cool color , So if it's red 、 The warm color of yellow , It's easy to jump out .

We should observe everything around us from the perspective of color , From the whole to the part .

Last , To summarize

People who learn painting may have gone through a stage , That is to copy the master's painting . alike , We also want to do some classic works , Try to imitate its composition 、 Light and shadow 、 Including the posture of the characters .

Finally, I would like to summarize what I have learned today :

The second lesson Light color