How to take good autumn scenery? You need these eight skills

2020-11-19 23:00:36  作者:Photography

Summer's gone , Autumn is approaching quietly . For Photographers , This is the most beautiful time of the year , Get ready to pick up your camera “ hunting ” Beautiful scenery everywhere !

wait ,“ Sharpening a knife never misses a woodcutter ”, Don't rush out the door and shoot , Oranges teach you this 8 Can improve the film production rate , A little trick to get twice the result with half the effort !

For friends living in the South , Maybe there's only summer and winter in a year , It's hard to feel the coming of autumn .

Maybe it's not easy to find a whole piece of autumn , But make a good one ( Or a few ) Autumn leaves , achieve “ one falling leaf is indicative of the coming of autumn ” The effect of , It's ok .

You can photograph a little on a lonely note from the autumn leaves :

Can be large aperture virtual background , Focus on a fallen leaf on the ground ; even to the extent that , You can come out of town “ import ” A pure maple leaf , Put it in the middle of a pile of green grass :

You can try more leaf morphology and composition , To create different artistic conception , Build a “ autumn ” The feeling of .

autumn , Nature is the most colorful , The most colorful : Some leaves turn red , Some leaves turn yellow , Some are still green , It's very powerful to mix together :

If you can't find a good scene , You can also collect fallen leaves on a dark background , With backlight to highlight the texture , Show the colorful beauty of autumn .

It's different from the hot summer , The autumn sun becomes very gentle , On the golden leaves , Let people feel the color vitality brought by light , In a good mood .

All the autumn photos , You can shoot the color of light , The vitality of light . To reflect light and shadow , Point metering with backlight shooting , The effect is especially good .

Under the backlight, you can photograph the transparent feeling of the leaves , The veins are fresh , The texture is clear , Strong texture , The effect of local light and shadow is fascinating .

Except that the light measuring point should be selected correctly , Also make full use of exposure compensation to balance the brightness of the picture , Better owe than expose , This also leaves room for post-processing .

Shooting in autumn is more important for artistic conception , If we can combine the reflection of the water surface to show , The effect of the picture will be icing on the cake .

Through the large aperture of the virtual foreground , Form a light spot effect , Make the reflection of the water clear , This effect is more dreamy , It's very interesting .

You can also have rich colors in autumn scenery , Long exposure “ Pacify ” On the surface of the water “ dyeing ”, And then a little post toning , The effect will also be amazing .

Autumn is a good time to take water . The overall tone of golden red , Soft light and shadow , They are perfect for shooting small streams in autumn , Especially the slow door effect .

Fall beats the slow door water , It's very important to consider the environment in composition .

Mossy places are very suitable , The color of the moss contrasts with the leaves , More able to show the texture of water .

You can also consider loading polarizers , Used to filter reflections from water and wet stone surfaces , Make the color more intense 、 pure .

Maybe a wide-angle lens can incorporate more scenery , But it's easy to have a lack of focus 、 The picture is messy and so on ; and 70-200 mm Medium and long focus lens of , It might be better .

A telephoto lens has a narrow field of view , The picture is more concise , It's not easy to mess up , At the same time, it is convenient for you to capture some of them growing on high places 、 A beautiful form ( And it doesn't interfere with the scenery ) The branches and leaves of .

besides , The long Jiao head has a very good virtual effect , It can realize the virtualization of nearby scenery , The imaging ability of defocus is also very good , Perfect for shooting “ Aestheticism ” Close up of style .

There's a lot of big shots , The changjiao has been used , Is there any new way to play ? Yes , You can take a series of close ups of macro details .

You can focus on the veins of a leaf :

You can drop some water on it ( Or Kaiselu , Even more ), It's a little bit more :

You can also focus on showing the blade edge contour :

This relatively microscopic perspective , It shows that we can't see 、 The new world that you don't notice , It's easy to be refreshing , It's worth trying .

autumn scenery , Not only in the air , It's also on the ground . Of course , It's not a new way to shoot fallen leaves , But you can add some environmental elements , And leaves set off each other , Enhance the contrast .

The root , It's a kind of environmental element that is worth using . With special light and shadow , It can better show the texture and texture of tree roots , The visual effect of the picture will be better , It's also more charming .