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2020-11-19 23:00:35  作者:Photography

TA say :

The ancients used to say that everything in the world has its own spirit , The mountain has its soul, and the sea has its soul , Architecture also has its poetic charm .

Every building condenses the designer's own ideas , It contains many elements , Such as the roof , Basics , The different design and structure of walls give each building its unique charm . Different cultural, historical and local characteristics enrich the formal beauty of architecture from another angle !

The shooting technique of architecture can be realistic or freehand . Be realistic , In fact, the camera is used to reflect the front and side of the building , The elements reflected in the whole picture are the architectural noumenon ; Freehand brushwork is a combination of more environmental factors , Like using the sky 、 There are also elements like people on the road , They are combined with architecture , It's not the same rhythm .

I don't think there is any special skill in the shooting of architecture except for taking more pictures . A building may look flat as a whole , But if we learn to change the angle, we will get different results . This should be what people often call photographic eyes , Break through conventional thinking , Find the right angle to find and shoot , Let the photos present more different visual effects .

The shooting of architecture is a process of discovering beauty from commonness , Need a simple and quiet heart to feel . Record the architecture with the camera , In fact, it is a very beautiful and meaningful thing to feel the change of time in architecture .