[dry goods] how to use snapseed for double exposure (soul photo)

2020-11-19 23:00:34  作者:Photography

Hello everyone , I'm junior four , In the last issue, I shared with you how to save a scrap film . today , Little four teaches you how to use snapseed Double exposure , That's our popular soul photo .

First of all, let's take two photos and turn them into one !

everyone snapseed This software :

Just add a photo , Select tool 【 Double exposure 】

After double exposure , Select open picture , Add the second picture to it .

After adding the second photo, it will be as shown in the figure below , See the transparency and style in the following figure , Because the outline of the dog and cat is not obvious , So we need a simple post-processing of the photos .

Adjust transparency ( As shown in the figure ):

here , The outline of the cat and the dog appears , But little four doesn't like the background color ( You need to see what you like here , If you don't like the background color , You can do a simple post-processing of photos !)

choice 【 style 】, choice 【 Dimming 】.

A nice double exposure photo is done !

Next , Xiao Si teaches you to do another double exposure on the basis of the picture above !

Of course , What's important about this double exposure is : The picture is simple , There are not too many references !

First , Look at the original picture first .

And then choose snapseed This software . And then you see the double exposure option , The operation method here and above is the same , Junior four doesn't give repeated explanations .

Click on 【 Open the picture 】:

What kind of photos to choose ? No mistake , Choose the same photo .

Enlarge the selected photo with both hands , You can't cover up the first picture when you zoom in .

Re selection 【 transparency 】, Adjust !

That's it , If you don't think the tone looks good , You can still adjust the hue by yourself , The finished picture looks like this :