One leaf knows the autumn | teach you how to shoot the beauty of "autumn leaves" by mobile phone in 3 steps!

2020-11-19 23:00:33  作者:Photography

After a few autumn rains , The ground is covered with fallen leaves , Remind us of , This autumn to quietly leave ……

What we have been discussing most recently is “ How to shoot beautiful autumn ”, From how to shoot autumn , How to shoot colorful autumn , There are layers of autumn .

Actually , There are many elements to shoot in autumn , Today we might as well “ Change numerous for brief ”—— From shooting well “ An autumn leaf ” Let's get started !

one falling leaf is indicative of the coming of autumn , How to shoot well with a mobile phone “ Autumn leaves ”? Xiao Yue organized three steps of shooting experience , Share with your partners !

Whether it's a film , Or a big leaf , When shooting against the light , Let the leaves just block out most of the sunlight , Translucent leaves , Clear veins , Little specks of light , The picture is beautiful .

Pat the leaves with a side light , With the help of light contrast , Can make the autumn leaf picture more stereoscopic :

Change different angles , Will take different feelings of autumn leaves , Even if it's just a simple action , There will be surprises :

Pina mobile phone , Shoot from top to bottom , With the help of the regular patterns of the ground , Avoid clutter .

Look up , With the help of the sky or through the light of the leaves , Take perspective composition , Can make the picture feel stronger .

Autumn is full of golden leaves , I want to make a shock , We can choose to squat down , The cell phone is reversed , Shot close to the ground , The picture is very extended .

If the same scene , We stand and shoot , What's the difference between squatting and shooting ?

Take a look at the comparison below ( The same scene , Shooting from different angles ):

Want to shoot beautiful autumn leaves , The surrounding environment is critical , Take advantage of the light , The front and back scenes can better show the strong autumn .

such as : With the help of a little wooden man , Old bike , The loneliness of autumn is coming :

The virtual background can make the picture more hierarchical , When you choose to shoot a leaf , Keep the camera close to the fallen leaves , You will find that the background is also natural .