Before shooting red leaves, you need to understand these two questions

2020-11-19 23:00:31  作者:Photography

It's time to enjoy the red leaves once a year . If you can see the red leaves in the area , I just happen to be interested in photography , Why not take a good shot ?

Maybe you've seen a lot of tutorials about shooting red leaves , I also learned a lot about shooting red leaves . I don't want to repeat the same content today , But I want you to think about these two very basic 、 But it's important. , It may decide whether you have a harvest in this trip to shoot red leaves .

1. What lens to choose ?

there “ choice ” It's not about the quality of the lens 、 brand , It's kind : wide-angle lens , Standard lens or telephoto ? It depends on what you want to shoot .

You can choose to take a wide-angle view of the mountains and forests , Or the whole forest 、 The grandeur of a boulevard :

You can also choose medium and long focus , You can use medium and long focus , Focus on a tree full of red leaves .

The advantage of this focal section is that “ real ”, The field of vision is close to the human eye , Visual distortion is also small , But the opposite is that photos may be compared “ flat ”:

You can also use a telephoto to shoot a single branch , Close up of several beautiful red leaves .

The advantage of using a long coke is that , You can photograph the red leaves on the top of tall trees , Choose the sky as a clean and concise background ; meanwhile , The ability of dissipating out of focus of changjiao is also stronger .

The shooting effect of the macro head is similar to that of the long focal head , But more emphasis on the performance of a single piece of red leaf vein and texture , And it needs to be close to shoot , More suitable for close-up of fallen leaves on the ground .

From big view to small scene to close-up , From big to small , There are many ways to express the charm of red leaves . Think about what you need to shoot first , Then decide what lens to take .

Of course , If you have very high quality on hand , Zoom head with little loss of image quality ; Or a muscle and a big camera bag , I'm not afraid to carry a lot of cameras ; Or just play with your cell phone , Send a circle of friends , You don't have to think about these questions .

And if you want to pursue artistic effects , Take a beautiful red leaf , In addition to the right lens , And a tripod and a polarizer .

2. Which light position is the best ?

About the use of light in red leaf photography , There has always been a rumor in the world of photography ,“ The smooth light is not as good as the side light , The side light is better than the back light ”, In fact, this sentence is not entirely correct .

actually , For red leaves , All kinds of light have their own advantages and disadvantages , Suitable for different types of photos .

Shunguang has a high degree of color reduction and saturation , Strong expression of the environment and background . You can choose contrast colors like blue and green , Or a single dark color as a foil to the red leaves .

What everyone likes to see “ All over the mountains and fields, the forest is dyed ” This is a big scene with a strong color contrast to the one above , Smooth is the most suitable , Who said Shun Guang didn't use it ...

Of course , The disadvantage of smooth light is that the stereo sense of the picture is poor . It's only suitable for shooting. It doesn't need high stereoscopic sense , And focus on the performance of color and scale of the large scene .

If you have to shoot a close-up of the leaves in the light of a small scene , It's best to choose a clear outline 、 Individual leaves separated from each other , In order to reduce the smoothness of the plane .

We're talking about sidelights , Generally, it refers to the side light which is in the order , The picture has a certain level , Especially when shooting medium or long-range, the stereo sense is strong , The expressive power of color is also OK .

This optical bit can be applied to a wide range of subjects , As small as a branch full of red leaves , As big as a mall or a small forest . Overall speaking , It's suitable for medium scenery .

When shooting, pay attention to eliminate the reflection on the leaf surface . The reflection of the page will seriously affect the expression of color , The leaves will be mottled , Very ugly , It's better to install a polarizer .

Another problem with Sidelights is shadows . The light and shadow effect is a double-edged sword , It's hard to see if you don't use it well —— Unfortunately for beginners , It's not easy to use shadows well .

It is recommended not to show too many shadows in the screen , Especially when the light is strong —— At least don't let the thick shadows fall on the red leaves . With the lens , Avoid too much shadow by framing .

The advantages and disadvantages of backlight are obvious .

The disadvantage is that the light ratio is very large , Controlling exposure is a problem , Especially with the sky as the background , The background is basically over exposed , The color of the leaves themselves is not bright .

The advantages are obvious , The back light transmitted through the leaf surface will clearly outline the outline and vein of the leaf , Leaves with a crystal clear attractive texture .