Photography, the carrier of passing on time

2020-11-19 23:00:30  作者:Photography

I never dare to call my photography a work , That frame is just a record for me , A kind of memory , A kind of inheritance .

—— .


This year's time is fast , It's so fast that I can't tell what date it is today , What day of the week is today . The sun is warm this morning , Mapping on the face 、 It's on the body , Warm , A few of yesterday's autumn wind , It's very pleasant .

I often talk to my friends about this year , It seems that a lot of , But it seems that nothing happened . Time passes quickly like a white pony's shadow across a crevice , It's November time .

Two days ago I had a whim , There's a lot more in the head , I want to tell you . Turn on the computer , Quickly open the document , Crackling down three or two lines, but it is difficult to continue to write , I haven't written for a long time , I seem to have forgotten this , Even forgetting words and sentences , If people are like this , If you are lazy, you will be more lazy .

Cut that sentence to a friend , At night , A friend sent such a paragraph “ You said you were confused , anxious , No sense of security . I can sort of understand , I'm going out this afternoon , The boss is also on the spot and busy, so he didn't reply to you , I want to give you some advice at this stage , I hope it helps you !1、 Invest in things that keep you passionate , Like photography , Try to fix a film and learn something in a day ;2、 Get in touch with other social circles , You can also organize your own activities , To absorb other people's positive energy ;3、 To do something that makes you happy , It's very important to be born from the heart , You just have to be in a good mood , Cherish the present , Cherish the sunshine, the green leaves and the gentle breeze .”

I think a lot about this , Graduation is over 4 year , I didn't do anything I wanted to do , It's not finished , This is undoubtedly a failure .

Work this 4 year , Made a lot of plans , It lists a lot of things to be done , At the end of each year, he wrote down countless plans with great enthusiasm , At the end of the new year, they put them in there one by one, beating their faces hard .

see , It's the end of the year again .2

I never dare to call my photography a work , That frame is just a record for me , A kind of memory , A kind of inheritance .

In my childhood memory , My father always carries his camera on his back wherever he goes , At that time, mobile phones had no photography function , At that time, photos could only be presented by camera . My father likes to take pictures for my mother and me , When the film is finished , I went to the county to print it out , And put them into albums of the same size . Every time I see myself and my mother in the picture , Always feel full of ceremony . This is my first impression of the picture .

When I was a kid , The palms are small , You can't hold the camera , I don't know how to make a picture , Now looking at my father's crooked or unclear figure in the picture , Always think of that little me . Even so , My father would still give me his camera , Let me play by myself . Because of my father , Photography has come into my life since I was a child . At that time , I never thought that photography would be so popular in ten or twenty years . But it's more because of my father , Let me know this earlier . Photography for me , It's a kind of inheritance .

Two years ago , Once a friend asked me , Why do you like photography ? That's what I said “ I have no work , I'm just recording , When I first learned photography , I just want to record my family .” Very fortunate , I recorded a lot of moments in my family ; Unfortunately , In these photos , No grandfather .3

Back to a few days ago , My friend asked me to fix it . Actually , I've always wanted to sort out the pictures of my family , Many of the moments taken over the years , I've been pressed in the computer hard disk that I haven't opened . From the first few to dozens , A few hundred more , Until now, , I have more than ten thousand photos left undone .

Several weekends at home , Open the computer, open the folder , But found no water prepared , And pretending to give myself a weekend of ritual , To boil water , Leave a few pieces of tea , Wait for the water to boil , And then , My sense of ceremony broke the original plan .

This time my friend's words , Once again touched the bottom of my heart that string , I also remember the original meaning of photography to me .

This time, , Start again , Set sail again .4

This group of pictures of grandparents were taken in 2017 year 9 month 3 Japan . On the way back today 865 It was finally fixed on the bus .