Advertising photography: spiritual home in light and shadow

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Photography is the art of light and shadow .

The light and shadow of nature is so magical , Amazing , Fascinating . Capture the beauty of light and shadow with a camera , Let every moment solidify into eternity , That's why I love photography .

Photography is a kind of life practice .

Find beauty in plain life 、 Record beauty 、 Sublimation of beauty , It's the charm of photography . If you want to have a pair of eyes that can find beauty , First of all, you must have a kind and beautiful heart . Whether in the hustle and bustle of the city or the silent mountains , Whether in a high position or in a humble position , Rich or poor , No matter who you are , The moment you lift the camera , Let's empty ourselves , Put down everything , Face the wonderful world in the camera with the heart of humble respect and gratitude . Photography is the art of subtraction , In shooting, we should try our best to reduce the irrelevant elements in the picture to highlight the main body , This is the basic principle of photography ; Life should also be subtraction , We used to want a lot of , But read through the vicissitudes of life 、 Wash all the lead , Discover the greatest fortune in life , It's better to live happily and healthily .“ A diet , A scoop of water , Living in a humble Lane ”, A heart is calm and calm , Elegant and aloof , This is the essence of life , It's also the inspiration from photography .

Photography is a way of life .

Walking in the world , Photography keeps me away from the noise of the world , Forget the troubles and bitterness of life , Lose the loneliness and sadness in life , Find joy and comfort in the world of light and shadow . Photography makes me curious about the world , Full of compassion and moving , Full of awe and gratitude for nature . At the other end of the lens , I see that humans are so small , Creation is so great and magical , Can use the camera to discover and capture all this beautiful and moving , It's a blessing in life ! I don't care how high and how far I can go on the road of photography art , I don't want to get the aura of famous masters , I don't expect to get considerable wealth from photography ……

Since I love photography in my life , And enjoy photography happily , Enjoy life with photography .

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