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Starting with CANNON EOS 500N It's been more than a year , At present, there are 6 Roll film , They are the most commonly used civilian rolls for advanced beginners of film machines .

What determines the color of the film ? The camera ? The film ? Or a scanner ?

I think film and scanner are more important . First of all, let's talk about some common scanners and the differences between them !

  1. Fuji SP2000: colorful , The contrast is great ; The style is rich
  2. Fuji SP3000( Fuji magic hand ): The most popular scanner , The style is between Fuji SP2000 And Norris
  3. Norris HS-1800: The color is fresh , The contrast is small ; The style is light
  4. EPSON GT-X980: The contrast is moderate , The color is cooler
  5. Hasu X5: High color reduction , Professional scanners , Price is too expensive

Example Ⅰ

Example Ⅱ

The characteristics of film , You can see from the box that . Fuji is green , Kodak is yellow , Eck's hair is red . Here I take the real photos one by one to explain ~

Fuji c200

Fuji c200 It was the first film of my life , Because the color is too small, fresh and green , So it's great for shooting in summer , It's better to shoot outdoors in the sun , The restoration of skin color is more realistic , A little bit dim .

In addition to “ green ” Perform well , In fact the “ Red ” It's also very expressive ~

But in the case of under exposure , The object will be cyan .

total junction :

① To green 、 Red is more expressive

② Suitable for shooting in better light conditions

③ collocation SP3000 Scanners are the best

Kodak ColorPlus 200

Compared with Fuji , Kodak style is warm . This one is also good for green , But my first volume was all shot at night , You can only see the color of orange . At that time SP3000 Scanner .

Later, I used this model to take graduation photos , The scanning time is Norris scanner , The color of the photo is a light warm yellow , Maybe it has something to do with shooting during the day .

total junction :

① The overall color is warm and yellow , It's also good at green

② It is suitable to match with Norris with light features HS-1800

③ If the object is more green, it is suitable for Fuji SP3000 Scanner

Black and white hand roll film P100

I think black and white roll is not suitable for film machine beginners to use in daily street sweeping , Photos can't show the texture and characteristics of film .

Although black and white films don't have bright colors , But the requirements for light are not low at all , There's a contrast between dark and bright to have a sense of hierarchy , It will be better to see .

total junction :

① High requirements for the use of light

② It's not easy for beginners to take good pictures

Aikefa Vista 400

ACFA is very good at red , If you don't grasp it well, it will be a little exaggerated . One thing I really like is , Shoot outdoors in the sun , People's skin color is very bright and white , There will be a hazy halo on a white object in the sunlight .

( Look at the middle part of the picture )

In a less intense environment , The color is similar to Fuji film .

In the light , Warm yellow is not as strong as Kodak film .

It was said that , Sometimes the red color of ACFA is a little too much , I use Vista 400 There will be situations like that , Then I saw my friend @ Wu Yinhe _ use Vista 200 It's normal , The water is very clear .

total junction :

① Yes, red 、 Blue is good at expression

② The best shot is on a clear day

Kodak UltraMax 400

This one is called “ The omnipotent volume ”, Take portraits 、 Beautiful scenery and still life . What I appreciate most is that it has a high degree of color reduction , Some people think it's a disadvantage , Compared with other films, it has no distinctive features .

however , I like it in blue and white light Led The cool color under the lamp . It should be nice to shoot in a seaside or blue background .

in addition , This film is used in cloudy days or in rooms with insufficient light , You can also take satisfying pictures , really · well-deserved “ The omnipotent volume ”!

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