Another black and white film from Ilford pan 1OO

2020-11-19 22:56:56  作者:Film Photography

It was cold yesterday , Work is busy , It leads to some depression , I just saw the film in the bag , Think of the weekend two weeks ago , There's a roll of black and white that hasn't been developed yet . So after work , Shut yourself up in the studio , I want to relax by developing the film .

This volume is about to take some big clouds 、 Take pictures of Yuanxi road and Haigeng park , The developer is the last one Kodak D-76 Developer , Film is ILFORD PAN 100, The digitization work uses a card machine that can take a macro shot .

today , Take advantage of the sunshine , Share with you .

chart / The best of the show —— Lawn mower artist ( Yunda )

chart / Forget which old building it is ( Yunda )

chart / A small garden in Yunda ( Yunda )

chart /“ Artificial rainfall ”( Yunda )

chart / Under the ginkgo tree ( Yunda )

chart / Fat house Happy Street ( Yuanxi road )

chart / The first fat house in the street, happy hoof , Do not accept rebuttal ( Yuanxi road )

chart /“ I heard it was cold ?”“ Yes , Why don't you open a flower ”“ Good! ”

chart / Lao Huang and his “ son ”

chart / Lao Huang

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