The first volume of the film of life

2020-11-19 22:56:55  作者:Film Photography

By chance, I have the skill of developing film , therefore , Back to the road of poor three generations of photography , And never come back .

Share today's photos , It was the beginning of this year 2 month , It's also the first day the film goes into the pit . Winter vacation at home , Be free and at leisure , Received the purchase of Nikon FE2, So I called out my good friend , I went to the new wetland park in my hometown , Took a few pictures , And then the unfinished roll , When I went to Chang'an City , Swept away .

The use of Nikkor 35mm F/2.8 The lens , And when buying the machine, the seller gave me a roll which was overdue for three years IlFORD hp5 plus 400 The film .

After shooting , I don't have much to look forward to , Think that overdue papers should not have any good performance , It's been left aside , No flushing . Recently, there is a hole in the film self-development , Learn to develop your own film , Think of this volume that hasn't had time to see the light , Just find out and try to practice .

Black and white film , With the cold winter of early snow , The effect of washing out , It was a little unexpected to me . Based on the principle of sharing good things with everyone , That's the tweet .

The following pictures were taken in Shichuan River Wetland Park, Fuping County, Shaanxi Province / Chang'an City and Xianyang Airport .


chart / Friends who have played together for many years ( Shichuan and Wetland Park ) And the first model of my first roll of film


chart / Decorative waterwheel ( Shichuan River Wetland Park )


chart / Withered lotus pond ( Shichuan River Wetland Park )


chart / Dry reed ( Shichuan River Wetland Park )


chart / The buildings in the middle of the lake are unknown ( Shichuan River Wetland Park )


chart / Dry reed ( Shichuan River Wetland Park )

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chart / Viewing platform ( Shichuan River Wetland Park )


chart / Double exposure


chart / Changan Street ( Xi'an )


chart / Wait for the subway ( Xi'an )


chart / SEG ( Xi'an )


chart / Changan new year flavor ( Xi'an )


chart / Have coffee with your friends before you go out ( Xi'an ) I've been playing with you for many years . The shutter was slow , No friends


chart / Xianyang Airport Departure floor ( xianyang )

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