Song of sunset

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During that time , I even have the illusion of going back to college .

Get up on time every day , Finish the exercise , Wash and rinse , breakfast , Pack books and stationery on your back , Then take the bus , To the Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University , Meet the little apprentice , Find a classroom with free seats , And then sit down , Read quietly 、 Writing 、 Think about problems that belong to the present or the future .

The little apprentice sometimes brings some snacks , I'm hungry. I'm tired of reading , Just go to the corridor or the roof outside the classroom , Have some snacks , A chat . There are all kinds of people in the classroom , Most of them are students , After a long time , It turns out that some of them are young people 、 Self taught students 、 Learner , Or people like me , Run to the classroom of Zhejiang University , Just to rub the air conditioner 、 Learning atmosphere 、 incidentally , Rub a little bit of youth .

What a short period it was 、 How peaceful 、 What a wonderful time .

It's really quiet in the classroom to read well 、 Where to think seriously , Although there is no petty bourgeoisie in the cafe , There is no artistic space , however , It's just the back of reading hard before and after , It's already an invisible force . In the hustle and bustle of the long time , I thought I was no longer reading with meditation 、 The state of mind of thinking , A coincidence , Actually, I had such a short time in Zhejiang University , Those who have been dust laden in the depths of my mind 、 About the past of youth , Actually also slowly awakened from the mind .

Maybe , Time is like this , It doesn't stand still , No more sorrow, no more pain , We can't save the time that has passed . Maybe it's because of this , Man invented the camera , By technical means , Some of the moments that are worth remembering over and over again , Comfort yourself with your heart . here , The camera has nothing to do with shooting , It's not about images , It's not about art , even to the extent that , The camera has nothing to do with the camera itself , It's just a carrier , It carries the instantaneous experience and perception of the photographer , While others are watching , With his interpretation , But only the photographer 、 The one who pressed the shutter , Just know at that moment , Who the hell is there , What happened , Why on earth should we take this moment .

The roof of teaching building in Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University , It's a huge platform , Quiet and open . In the evening , I like to stand on the roof , Across the Qizhen Lake , It can go directly to the skyline cut out by the silhouette of buildings in the distance . The setting sun is warm , From the skyline , Make the sky red 、 To golden red 、 To golden 、 To pale yellow 、 Until the steel blue overhead . Every time I stand on the roof , Watching the setting sun in silence , It's like enjoying an elegy that is gradually moving away , Sad and sad . There is no one to disturb , The common affairs of worry are only in the distant sky , I just need to get drunk with it , Enjoy the sunset song that only belongs to me .

And two companions , It also adds a beautiful color to this wonderful time .

One is the young apprentice who just left school , friendly , Clever , understanding , Young as he is, he has his own personality , But it's more nuanced than age 、 More steady performance , We got along very well ;

Second, Minolta Hi-matic SD Film camera , friendly 、 Clever , understanding , Although very old, but also has its own personality , It's also lighter than age 、 More transparent performance , We got along very well, too .

This is a camera that was sold in the early 1980s , Its predecessor was first launched in 1978 Year of Hi-Matic S. Manual rewinding , Focus visually , Built in small flash . Although it's a fool's machine , Minolta company has long disappeared in the fire of market killing , however , Because of carrying Rokkor 38mm/f2.8 This image is delicate 、 Color rich lens ,SD Or won the market position it should have at that time , In the same age of dummies , Absolutely worthy of “ High-grade ” Two words . Since then , It's going into the reel automatically 、 Automatic date printing 、 Auto flash and auto focus in the fully automatic era , therefore ,SD It's sort of a manual roll 、 Estimation of coke 、 It's the last generation of the built-in flash .

Although it's to estimate the focus , however , There is a clear distance scale on the focusing ring of the lens , And marked the focus position of different shooting subjects , There are mainly “ Bust 、 Full body portrait 、 Group photo 、 infinity ” Several gears , According to different shooting subjects , Turn the arrow of the focusing ring to a different position . I tested. , Just get used to it a few times , It's not slow to focus , It's not as convenient as autofocus , But it's manual 、 The way to focus by hand , Let the shooting experience become unique .

Except for high quality lenses , Minolta SD We also designed a shooting date marking device which can be printed on the negative film , On the top of the machine, there is a date printing function which can be selected by turning the dial wheel , according to “ Japan / month / year ” Sequential arrangement , Can't automatically continue , Select Print date each time , Must be reset . Tried to toggle , This one in my hand SD, The year setting in the time device , Only from 80 Year to 92 The mark of the year ( The first two digits of the year do not show ), in other words , This machine is on the market in 1980 year , You can use the whole Zodiac cycle ( Twelve years ),1992 Years after , It can't be set . I can't help thinking a little darkly : If you have to use this function , Unless time goes back , To 1980 Years and 1992 In between , At that time , In my adolescence , Teenagers to early twenties , young 、 Recklessness , Everything is said to do, regardless of the consequences ; Or time travel , To 2080 Years and 2092 It's going to be years before you can use it again , It's just that when it comes to , Even if this camera still works , What about me ? I may not even know where I went …… Think about it , I feel a little bleak again .

The machine that carries time , Once the user is gone , The time it carries , Is there any point ?

At least for now , It still makes sense . It's impossible to verify what kind of people and things this machine went through before it reached my hands , however , I use it —— This camera that appeared in my adolescence , Recorded 2017 This short period of 、 As if the years reset 、 Back in time . It's happening , Everything will be over , Through Minolta SD Still bright viewfinder , My eyes are clear, my heart is attached to ; When the shutter is pressed “ Click click click ” The sound , It's like a reminder that the clock is turning , The sound of every moment , It's going to leave an image . In the eyes of others , Maybe it's just a mediocre piece of waste , In my case , Every frame is a moment that can't be copied in life , Like the morning dew , Like lightning , Like the song of sunset .

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