Small man has great energy

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A little man has a lot of energy

—— My Dr. minoltaka Capios20

Some objects , In an amazing way , To be the idol of attention , But as time goes by and technology advances , In addition, the awareness and ability of consumers are constantly improving , Last , Had to leave in a gloomy way , even to the extent that , On the way out , No one remembers it , No one has pity on it , And no one has ever said anything for its exit : bye —— If you are lucky , When I meet someone like me , Maybe things will be different . Maybe I'm not the original owner of it , however , Met in the world , It's fate , I will cherish it 、 Use it , Write down some words for it , Even if you don't use it for the time being , And wipe it clean , Collect it well .

therefore , I'll meet people who were thought of as “ Inscriptions ”、 It's just that they don't sell well 、 After that, not many people remember good things ;

therefore , I'll meet Dr. minoltaka Capios20 A camera like this .

I always like those who look good 、 Strong function 、 It's like a living thing , Heart movement , I'm right in the eye , You'll start right away . If this thing happens to be in the minority , It's scarce , Less favored by the mainstream audience , So much the better . So-called “ Things like masters ”, What is the master short of , Often hope to be in “ matter ” I'll find it on the website , What is the host , Often will also put their own emotions and personality , To project onto something —— Oh , ok , The reason why I like high looks 、 Strong function 、 But it's not that popular “ matter ”, It's because I'm a pretty girl and I'm short 、 From childhood to most, they are not much favored 、 The fat man who has confidence in his own ability ——

therefore , I don't hesitate to look a little bit high 、 It's a little bit of “ Round doodle ” Of 、 It's actually quite powerful ( Especially in the group of portable cameras )、 But now basically no one knows or is basically forgotten “ Dr. Ka ” Income pocket .

Play with the camera , In fact, we mainly aim at four goals :

One is “ Dazzle ”: Take the camera as the carrier , Show off your status, your wealth, your face . After all , house 、 There's no way the car can take it with you , Gold and diamond watches are very local , The camera , It's a “ Dazzle ” A good carrier for , The low-key luxury seems so literary and artistic . Some people say , What's so cool about the camera , Yeah , I'd love to know , Since it's not for “ Dazzle ”, No matter where you go to take photos, why 、 Professional SLR with battery box 、 Big white cannon, big long coke 、 Two machine three mirror standard configuration, but also often intentionally or unintentionally take out from the pocket with coke logo “ Some machine ” Come out and press two, and be sure to express in a deep tone “ It's easy to use this side axis to shoot humanity ”…… eldest brother , No, it's just going out with the tour group and shooting “ Going on it ” The film is not the fact that a few sex friends go out to engage in corruption in the name of collecting wind , You really need all this pomp ? It's not for “ Dazzle ”?

Two is “ hidden ”: The camera , The carrier of time , The crystallization of human wisdom , The fusion of electrons 、 mechanical 、 optics 、 Software 、 Precision processing and many other professional high-end knowledge of Artificial Crafts , Keep pace with the times and develop constantly , Each stage is representative “ Inscriptions ”, Every kind “ Inscriptions ” There are all kinds of big names “ A masterpiece ” Endorsement for it . Even if it's not a classic inscription , It's been developed by countless people, either mechanical or electronic 、 To make the last spirit to offer , It really makes the owner feel the beauty of its design 、 The beauty of industry 、 The beauty of craftsmanship . Especially those old cameras , Even film types have been discontinued , But I treasure them in the moisture proof cabinet , Enjoy it , Communicate with its soul , It's a bit weird in itself 、 It is a poetic thing ;

The third is “ feel ”: There's a class of camera players , The machine is not for taking pictures ( After all, many machines are no longer suitable for shooting in the digital age ), It's not for value-added sales , They just want to be in the dead of night , If you can't look up at the stars , To fill in the inner emptiness and awaken some kind of dark energy , This is the type group of camera players : Touch the party ! May be due to work life is too busy, resulting in insufficient time , It may also be to get a peace of mind in the noisy reality , This kind of player can't travel all over the mountains and rivers to find poetry in the distance , He can only manage his poetry and wine garden in the earthly world , But in the bone that uninhibited from time to time in the throb , therefore , He can only touch his beloved in the dead of night , And then the strings , Press the shutter , In the light “ Clicking ” In sound , The mind seems to have some consolation ……

Fourth, “ use ”: Although digital technology is a thousand miles a day , Although film shooting is a thing of the past , however , After all, the original nature of the camera , It's supplies , It is a machine used to carry time , therefore , Now that it's in your hands , It works , Try your best . It doesn't have to be the main force , however , When the film hasn't disappeared , The medicine has not dried up yet , Traditional printing masters are still alive , Then use the machine well . If it's a good shot or not , But in film images that are very different from digital imaging , It's really a wonderful experience , For example, the past years , For example, once nostalgia —— therefore , use ! machine , It should be used !

So here comes the question , I collect so many machines , What the hell is going on ?

It can only be said , I'm in the middle of Tibet 、 feel 、 Use the machine player between the three . I like collecting , Also like to touch the party in the dead of night , I also like to use different machines and film in two or three days, and I like the new, and never tired of the old . therefore , Another friend asked questions : So it is , Do you need to spend so much time and money on this ? Do you need to think about taking beef slices with dog's head all day ? Why do you have to write and draw to write and write a biography of the machines you've played ?

ok , Actually , I'm also for “ Dazzle ” ah , Dazzle yourself with many machines , Show yourself to play deep , Show off that you can film , No matter what , At least there's so much going on , I let myself have material to dazzle , No way? ?

So this little Minolta portable fool machine , What's so flashy ?

Don't look down on this little man , That year ( In the last century 90 In the early and middle ages ) When it was still on sale , The retail price of this machine is between 1900 To 2000 Between RMB , And then it was like Beijing 、 A big city like Shanghai , The individual salary of the working resident exceeds the salary of 1500 RMB , It's already a medium to high income level . therefore , Even in the first tier municipalities in China ( At that time, there was no international metropolis ), A middle-income adult , A month's salary may not be able to afford this machine , At that time, the price was really just , It's a “ luxury goods ”. On the other hand , In a fully automatic fool's portable computer , Dr. minoltaka Capios20 It belongs to the last generation of film , Its function has reached the highest level of this level of camera . Automatic photometry , Autofocus , Auto flash light , Automatic film return , Delay shooting , Remote shooting …… Can think of in the professional SLR only have the function , There are also many fool machines , The innovation technology under the development of film machine for 100 years , Most of them are integrated into this little fuselage ; in addition , Multi mode shooting scene selection , A variety of flash combinations , Simple and professional interface , The cut is 、 Standard frame free switching , Operate this machine , There's no sense of pressure ; The most attractive , It's carrying a 35-70 Minolta 4 slice 4 Group zoom lens , Contains two double-sided aspheric lenses , Not only is the imaging effect excellent , And can adapt to the vast majority of shooting scenes ——

so , Little Dr. minoltaka Capios20, There are still small ones “ Show off capital ”, Right ?

And I got it , It only cost a few hundred dollars , Cash capital with hundreds of dollars , In exchange for more generous “ Show off capital ”, Also let oneself have can “ Dazzle ” The material of , It's a good deal .

I took a lot of pictures with it .

Dr. minoltaka Capios20 The zoom head of , As always, the color is strong . Many people comment on the features of Nissan lens and German made lens , Always like to emphasize : Minolta's lens , Imaging style is the closest to the German head ( Like Leica ) What? . however , I think it's a little different , It's full of color , But the color is cold , And Minolta lens is full of color , But it's a little bit warm , Shooting the dawn 、 Sunset and so on , Perfect for . As a non professional 、 It's not a camera player who makes a living by shooting movies , I like to go out with a camera , And then use it to shoot everything I think I want to shoot . I like its small size , be easy to carry about , There is no pressure to press the shutter ; I value its energy more , It uses a light shutter sound 、 With a loud sound , Keep leaving a frame for me that only belongs to me . Maybe it seems to others that , These images can't be interpreted , If you use composition 、 color 、 If we measure the theme and other aesthetic indicators , Many frame images can be called “ Waste pieces ”. however , I will define the meaning and value of these images from my own perspective . I am the practitioner of life , And an observer of life , It is also a direct experiencer of all kinds of life feelings . therefore , When I press the shutter , It's not just about serving aesthetic indicators , But as a life observer and practitioner , Using images to express my subjective feelings about life is just . If the time is right, the light is right , Photos are naturally pleasing to the eye ; But the conditions do not permit , I will still choose to press the shutter without hesitation , Because I can also use a camera 、 Use images to “ Record ”!

That's it , I use words and images tirelessly , To record the moments worth preserving in your life . So words like pearls gather , Originally in the fingers between the fine sand like sliding jiguangpianyu , Be picked up gently . Every piece of ordinary text, behind ordinary photos , It's the extraordinary life practice to forge ahead ; Every ordinary life scene , It is also possible that they are performing extraordinary stories . And the little Minolta you carry with you Capios20, With the great energy in its little body , Keep reminding me to help me , Don't live this feast without a break , Don't miss the good times of the years , Even for a moment , Even if it's just a fragment !

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