Film diary. 1

2020-11-19 22:56:51  作者:Film Photography

Finally, I had time to sweep out my six rolls of film These six rolls of film span my year

When I received the scanned photos Looking at the time I've been through Once again in the form of fresh photos in front of me I think that's the charm of film

The waiting time is not worth mentioning Nothing will be forgotten

I want to make a film diary of some films I like this year Use photos, use words To remember the times I love


This is a 2018 When I went to Beijing with my grandmother, aunt and sister in 1984 This is probably my favorite April

I can't forget that April morning when I woke up in a courtyard Sunlight is framed into the narrow space of Hutong Go out to eat soybean milk fried dough sticks I can hear the people next door making breakfast The pupil who saw the endorsement bag walking at the entrance of the Hutong There are also strangers riding bicycles talking about Beijing Film and I pass by

At that moment, I knew clearly As far as Beijing is concerned, I am a passer-by in a hurry But I also feel it clearly I like this city from the inside out

Whether it's the imperial palace or the Great Wall

Whether it's a quiet Hutong or Wangfujing with people coming and going

Whether it's the sweetness of sugar gourd or the smell of fried noodles with soy sauce

I love it here I like the open road here I like the occasional dilapidated tiles here I like the laziness of ink painting here I like the heavy historical atmosphere here

I love it here Like this kind of Beijing

I miss it here I miss Beijing that year


This is a 2018 May in Shanghai This day means a lot to me

I packed the minimum amount of luggage on this day I left Shanghai and went back to Sichuan to prepare for the exam

I remember sitting alone in the hall Look out again Looking at the sky in Shanghai at six o'clock in the morning At that moment, I don't know if I can come back here But I only know I must come back here

From May last year to may today I have been away from Shanghai for a whole year

The city where I lived for four years It's the first time I've been out there for so long in years But it's also the year we left Let me think about it What did that prosperous city bring to me in my four years of youth

friend ? frustration ? pride ? grow up ?

My four years there slowly came to me from 18 To the age of 22 year I'm grateful for all that the city has brought me

A wild profusion of vegetation Those quiet and amazing exhibitions I've seen The streets that I photographed with my friends There is also a small shop that clocked in

The city has faded from my memory Because of those engraved moments and become gentle

We're going back there Long time no see


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