Film photography Life Volume 1: the taste of the past

2020-11-19 22:56:50  作者:Film Photography

Finally, I have a camera of my own .

If you want to ask me why I started a film camera .

answer :1. It's cheaper , However , That's not the case when you buy it , The price of film has gone up recently , And it doesn't include mail when I buy it , And washing is not cheap , It costs a lot to take a picture , Of course, it also made me more cautious , Cherish every opportunity to press the shutter .

  1. Its imaging effect is very good , The ordinary scene , It's just another flavor .

Can't , I feel like I'm in a hole , If it's more expensive , The big deal is eating dirt .

The camera is canon eos kiss5 , This kind of camera is still very friendly to a novice like me , Autofocus , Automatic photometry , There is no need to adjust the parameters , It's a point and shoot camera , Film is Fuji c200(135 Color negative film ).

The first volume of life , When washing , A little nervous and a little expectant , Keep asking the customer service if you're ready , All right , not so bad , This customer service brother is also patient , If you come across a patient , I just game over 了 .

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