It's 9102. Why am I still photographing with film?

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As 90 after , As a child, I also experienced the film age , At that time, taking pictures was more of a souvenir , On a birthday or a party , To take one or two photos and put them in the album , As a memento of growth .

My mother told me an interesting story from my childhood , I have a hundred days of celebration , My dad tried to be a photographer and take pictures by himself , But he used a paraxial camera , There is parallax , He has no experience , As a result, people are not exposed in part .

Later, I began to play photography , Played 6 Photography , It's not as good as the film pit , It seems to be a necessity . From card machines to automatic SLRs , And then to the fully manual camera , Film and cameras are being bought all the time , Out of control .

Film compared to digital , It has infinite charm .

First of all, there is an expectation of uncertainty . Digital photos are shot and seen , Convenient and quick , Without that sense of mystery . I've played with some cell phones before , Imitating photos APP, It's also necessary to take dozens of photos to see all of them . At that time, I was very impatient , I feel so bad , You're going to skip it manually . When it comes to playing with film , The discovery that this process is inevitable . I want to take a few rolls , Save it and send it to the Cordyceps store , Only in a few days . From the end of shooting to seeing that it may be 10 Half a month has passed . At this time, my heart is full of expectation , Looking forward to good photos , But I'm also worried about over exposure , Problems not captured . This feeling of expectation and worry , It's also the charm of photos .

When I see the film , Even if there are one or two in one corner, it's great , I'll be so happy .

And probably you've forgotten , What kind of photos were taken at that time , The moment before I saw the work , Slowly in front of my eyes , From the memories of your birthday , It's also a wonderful charm .

secondly , He'll slow the time down . Time used to be slow , It's very slow , Life is enough to love one person . Film photography was also the product of that slow age . The later fool period and the automatic SLR , It can be autofocus , Automatic metering is very convenient . But in the early days, there were a lot of manual scrutinizing and even manual side placing machines , It's complicated to shoot . Need to measure and focus , Slowly though , In the process, it makes you think a lot .

Plus, every film has a cost , It will make you press the shutter carefully , It has to be good enough , Measure the light and focus , When you are satisfied, you will press the shutter .

There are a lot of times when you look at a scene , Took a half patio , I think I didn't reach the ideal standard and gave up . So film photography can slow you down , To think about the figure , Let you cherish the shutter , Every time it's been thought through .

And then there are lots of accidents with the film .

Sometimes there are multiple exposures , Accidental exposure and so on .

This one is where I used Olympus xa, While sweeping the street , Accidentally pressed shutter . Because his shutter is so light , Put your hand on it and press it down when you walk carelessly , The leaves on my head . I didn't expect this dynamic , On the contrary, it is particularly charming . This reminds me of the early works of Moriyama Avenue , There are a lot of them when he wakes up , On the contrary, it has unexpected beauty .

In addition, this roll of film was brought in when I bought a second-hand camera , When I developed the film, I washed it away by the way , I can see that it should have been more than ten years ago . Although the focus has expired , The picture looks bad , But one can see what happened to the people at that time , I have a great sense of time .

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