Xiaobai plays film for the first time

2020-11-19 22:56:48  作者:Film Photography

Sonorous , The feedback of the third elder sister playing film for the first time is coming !

Photography is something I've been thinking about , But limited to the fact that there is no one's own small Treasury , Cry , Slum girl is me, right , No money for a digital camera , It's still Sony Dafa , But its price is too unfriendly for the student party, whose family is in trouble , In the end, after much research, I still can't use 1000 I bought Canon in a second-hand market kiss2 And universal super cost-effective lens small spittoon second generation , I started my film photography .

So today I want to record my first attempt at film photography . In fact, before shooting, I always worried that my first volume was a waste film , Maybe it's because some photographers used it like “ You can't start flipping film without playing digital ”“ Film is much more difficult than digital ” To scare back Xiaobai who wants to test the film for the first time . And then at the end of the day, it's not , Rather than let these so-called predecessors' experience make you afraid of your hands and feet, it's better to practice and make progress in person .

For the first time, I chose the riverside and the streets of the city , The film was made of Kodak King 200, It's from three to five in the afternoon , The fool mode for shooting , With little hope , Try to find the right angle and press carefully every time , Because the shutter is so precious for film , Especially slum girls like me .

Here are some of the results of the first film , I know these photos may not be perfect , There are too many flaws , With incorrect shooting parameters and modes , There's no perfect composition , But the shooting still made me feel unknown and full of surprise , In particular, the process of sending the film for development and waiting for the seller to send the photos is really wonderful .

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