Starting from appearance, finally strength: my canon T80

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When I first started playing Canon , The starting point is A series ,AE-1、A1 They are pretty beautiful things , Later I played F series ,F-1、NF-1 It makes me satisfied . however , With EOS The beginning of the series of cameras , Suddenly found Canon in the shape and design style has a great change , That's the technology is getting better and better 、 More and more functions 、 The operation is becoming more and more complicated 、 It's getting bigger and bigger . Especially with the battery handle EOS-1V, Screw the red circle big three element lens onto the fuselage 、 When you hold it in your hand , There was a feeling of wrists with Schwarzenegger !

Love it , however , The willingness to carry and use it has been greatly challenged . Sometimes I want to take it out and press the shutter , It's all in your hands , Put on a red circle, big three yuan , It's over , Put down again , And then get up A1 or F1, Screw in one FD Fixed focus of mouth , Then I went out of the house ......

Until I hit T80.

Man is a strange species , What is often lacking , I'm particularly interested in something . such as , Lack of beauty , I'm interested in things with high looks . I'm one of the species , I don't look good enough , For beautiful women with high looks 、 Beauty ware 、 Beautiful scenery and so on , Basically no resistance . The seller put T80 A big picture sent to me , Beauty value , Look at the color , Look at the function , Look at the price , There's nothing to say , Order directly !

The seller emphasizes : This is an electronic camera from the mid-1980s , Very old , Can't stand the toss , therefore , No refund , No change , No warranty . I'm fascinated by the beauty of this camera , In addition, I have been very satisfied with the Canon camera purchased before , therefore , For this “ Three No ”, I agreed without a second thought .

A few days later , The camera was delivered to me by express delivery .

Open the package immediately , As expected, it is a fully functional one 、 The beauty is very high 、 What's more, it's a good thing with a satisfying appearance . Moderate weight , It's comfortable to hold , Although it looks like it's engineering plastic , But at the same time of reducing the weight of the machine , I have a solid and calm feeling . if ,EOS-1V The weight and block head of Schwarzenegger , that ,T-80 It's a bit like Peng Yuyan , Dress show thin , There is meat in undressing , The lines are straight and light , It has the feeling of falling hand , There's no pressure , It's very comfortable to hold in your hand .

Looking at the photos, I'm already in love , Start with practice , I like this guy more .

The only pity is that the seller only has the fuselage . Originally, Canon company specially configured a kind of product called “AC” The lens of the , It's connected to the fuselage by electric shock , Can be in T-80 Auto focus function is realized on the , therefore , This machine is known as Canon's first autofocus camera . But up to now , With it AC The lens has been very rare , Occasionally in omnipotent Taobao show a small face , It's not too bad , The price is too expensive , Can only wait for the opportunity to collect .

Fortunately, this guy's fuselage bayonet is FD Oral , in other words , I have a lot of Canon hand glasses in my hand , It can be used in T-80 Upper , It's just that you can't auto focus . No big problem , There's nothing wrong with the motivation of playing hands for me , Continuous evaluation of coke 、 I don't think it's hard for me to measure light , What's more, this machine also has split image focusing and automatic light metering function .

Forget it , A little cleaning , hold 35-70 Turn on the manual lens , Put on the batteries and the film , Play with determination .

There were many business trips during that time , Just take it with you , Take a picture of the details around me that only belong to me .

I believe in it “ Every time is the first time , For the last time ”, suffer “ The first phase of For a while 、 A rare side 、 It's precious 、 The world should cherish ” The theory of "tea Zen" has a profound influence . Even if I see you again , It's been a lot of changes , therefore , I always take my camera with me , Keep those people in your life at all times 、 The scenery 、 Those things . Look at these records of time that only belong to me , Always feeling 、 And desolate . The things that are with me , Including the camera in my hand , In fact, there will be a day of parting . Every time I meet , Every shot , Every conversation , Every time I drink tea ...... It could be the last time . therefore , Every time and the people and things around you say “ bye ” When it's a word , It turns out to be mostly “ never see again ”. Even to relatives and friends , Even if it's something you love , Can't escape this fate . therefore , I appreciate every encounter , Every goodbye , With the camera , even “ never see again ”, There can also be images “ Deeply miss ” ah .

Some people like to travel all over the country , To take pictures of others 、 Other people's lives , I'm only willing to give myself this passion and obsession , Leave me an ordinary and ordinary life , Make one “ Life Artist ”. For the real “ Life Artist ” for , So-called “ A literary creation ” The philosophy behind it , Maybe it's to face yourself, or to be simple or full of holes in life , What you see in it 、 What I heard 、 What I feel , With the most intuitive understanding , Make the most direct explanation , There's no need to worry about the form of expression , There's no need to explain the story or the result . I'm only looking forward to when I'm faced with those little things in my ordinary life that have been ignored , Have enough keen eyes to see 、 Be sensitive enough to appreciate , then , Press the shutter without any distractions , Say to it : Thank you !

Too many cameras , So there are some intuitive comparisons . such as ,T-80 The shutter is very distinctive . It doesn't seem very sensitive when I just press it , There's no Nikon camera specific 、 Crisp 、 It's like the feeling of a sharp knife ( Of course , As far as my experience is concerned , Most models of Canon cameras , The shutter is soft ), When you start to wonder if there's something wrong with the shutter —— Maybe a few tenths of a second of hesitation —— The shutter is triggered : GA ! Yes , yes “ GA ” Let's go , It's kind of like the spring of a toy car suddenly released , then , It's the sound of the winding motor “ Bared - La ”, Both voices are not small , It often arouses the attention of others . For me, this film machine has been playing till now , It has been used by digital players and mobile phone players with eyes or provocations 、 Or despise 、 Or the old bird who has been surprised many times , These are not things , therefore , In the eyes of other people , I'm holding canon T-80, In a cheerful “ GA - Yes ”、“ GA - Yes ” In the sound of the shutter , Take a picture , Leave a record of time after time .

then ,“ For a while ” The fate of the coming again , It's the end of this short happy time .

On a business trip , I'm carrying my camera , Yeah, yeah , Be careful when you press the shutter , except “ di ” A little sound of , The unique shutter “ GA - Yes ” There was no sound . Deal with it quickly , To turn it off , restart , The lens is unscrewed and then installed , Change the shooting mode , Even slapping and beating ,T-80 Still silent . Just stop shooting , I feel depressed . After going home , I took the film out of the bag , then , Change batteries , Use paper money to polish electronic contacts ( It is said that 80% In this case, it is an effective local law ), Change the lens , To turn it off , restart , Change mode …… Toss about n After that ,T-80 Still calm and silent .

I threw it on the bench a little exasperated , Sulk at it .

It's still very new , Its beauty is still attractive , It's just , It became a non working 、 Beautiful furnishings !

I'm not a camera maintenance expert , In addition to the usual moves , I don't have the ability to overhaul . What's worse , Film electronics at this price , I'm not interested in taking it to the camera store for repair —— Of course , It may also be that there is no maintenance value any more . No wonder the seller wants “ Three No ”, No wonder I was advised to , Canon in the film age , or F series , or EOS 3 perhaps EOS 1V, Other , There is no value in buying , It's not just because it was always held back by Nikon , what's more , In that film machine era , Canon has some machines , It's not good enough !

According to my habit , Once you start collecting some kind of camera , Usually according to the model at that time , Starting in series . Canon T-80 When you get it , Once upon a time, I decided to put T-7、T-90 All in , however , have a look T-80 The strength and performance of , I put this idea out for the time being .

however , Will I ever put T-80 If I abandon my shoes ?

That won't be , I'll clean it up , Put it in the bookcase , And those I've read about n All over 、 Old books that are still precious are put together . Will someone repair it and reuse it ? To say , But I still take it out often , clean , Stroke , After the brief and happy time between us . As a “ Fetishism ”, I've collected too many things , Everything is a passer-by in my life , Karma meeting , The soul thinks , We have some kind of predestination and connection between us . therefore , I never throw them away or destroy them at will , Even if it's not strong enough , Even if it's for “ device ” Has lost its function , I still want to be with them , Go through the rising and falling of every day , Delivery at dawn and dusk !

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