Home lost in ruins

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2018 year 5 month 2 Japan , I rode alone to play by the lake , I saw the broken scene in front of me .

Broken brick 、 Rotten tile 、 Hanging slabs and overturned houses , The home where people live for a long time , In this way, they were buried under the ruins in an instant .

It goes back 18 years , My childhood home , It has been overthrown by such ruthlessness .

I was once particularly puzzled , Why every time I dream about all kinds of scenes at home , Always in that old house , Not in a new home .

I also tried to find a new home in my dream old house , How to find or ask someone else , I have never seen the place where I live now .

My mother once told me that , The scene of her dream at home , It's all on Grandma's side , Not at home today .

original , Memories of childhood , It really affects a person very much .

because , Our roots are there .

It should be in the fourth and fifth grade of primary school , Our village is the same as it is today . The original good residential housing , It was torn down into ruins .

At that time, the propaganda in the village was : Do a good job in building a new countryside , Housing construction should be unified , The roads are in order .

According to the requirements of the village head , All the houses that occupy the new planned road , They have to be torn down .

Our house is in the middle of the main house , Split in two , The East will be paved with new roads , The whole house will move to the West . And houses and courtyard walls , All in red paint, big “ Demolition ” word , Whenever I look up and see the wall , In my heart, I feel that my home is crumbling .

Breakfast in ruins

Demolition , It's a very troublesome thing .

It's not just your house moving west , Your neighbors to the West are going west next to each other , Your neighbor in the west is moving too , There's no room to move , Then you'll be squeezed out , Uproot one's roots , Choose a new nest .

Demolition , It fully demonstrates the effect of pulling one hair and moving the whole body .

therefore , At that time, the whole village , Middle aged people quarrel and fight , The old man and the old woman are not willing to move and abuse , And don't want to be squeezed out , And those who stick to be nail farmers . Everyone and every family , There is an endless worry .

What I can remember , There are two things .

The first one , She is a Chinese teacher in primary school , About the same age as my mother , I used to be her student .

This Chinese teacher , Made the first “ Stick to it ” The nail family of .

Because she won't move out , It's not going to affect the four or so neighbors .

In order not to be squeezed out , The Chinese teacher is as fast as possible , Buy new bricks 、 Pull the slate , In a few days, I set up a row of front rooms .

Both in words and in deeds , She has always been the most powerful and hard nail farmer , With “ Oil and salt do not enter 、 A firm ” The posture of the stability of a seat .

And finally , There's nothing the neighbors can do about it , Only to build a room less than the area of the end of . Days , You can't get stuck with someone else .

Another one , That's what's going on , The incident of a woman in her fifties beating a secretary .

Middle aged people can build houses , Anyway, my son will marry his daughter-in-law in the future , Sooner or later it will be Gai . But older people are different , My sons have already started a family and bought a house , Few people think about the few days left , And renovate the old house , The heart is weak , Yu Cai , I don't have the money to take care of .

But doctrine is doctrine , It doesn't matter if you're old or weak or sick . When the deadline comes , You don't tear down the house , The demolition team will take the initiative to help you !

This aunt is watching the demolition team push their own house , In a rage , I slapped the head Secretary two times !

The secretary was beaten , My aunt lost her home , And bulldozers are taking advantage of it . Whether you agree or not , Laozi is going to force !

With the unremitting efforts of the demolition team , Ninety nine percent of the houses in the village , Within a week , It's rapidly becoming a ruin .

And then the ruins are rebuilt , It took about three to five years to straighten out .

The old house is gone , A new home is slowly established , Indelible memory in those years of demolition experience .

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